Friday, May 27, 2005

Afraid of the dark?

I just love coming across interesting firearms. While I enjoyed greatly the bARbie15 I think this may top it by just a little. While this is less about the rifle and more about the furniture I find it very interesting.

Cavalry Arms did a small run of AR furniture a while back and dot_bob on posted a photo of it. When I saw it I knew I had to share it.

Now this is the standard looking rifle under incandescent light. The normal furniture seen on thousands of AR model rifles everyday.


But after exposure to incandescent light this furniture starts to glow.


Now that is not the worst, or best part of the furniture. Lets expose it to some blacklight for a bit.


Then you end up with this unearthly glow.


Maybe this is the new fashion statement at the raves. Better then cheap glow sticks and sure to draw attention.


Well this is what it looks like today and the guy has the furniture alone for sale. So if you are interested, why I'm not sure, and want to buy it go have a look.

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