Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Advice of the day

I took a couple of tylenol 3's this morning for some pain I am having. Normally drugs do not have the zombie like effect on me that they do on my wife. But I erred in something else. My dear wife purchased some mints called euromints. They are laced with caffeine. 3 mints are equal to a large soda. I have been sucking on them all day. I realized I needed to stop when my eyes felt like they were bulging and I could feel my heart beat in my ears.

Caffeine in larger doses and tylenol 3 do not go together. I used to suck down sodas all day, but have only had a few rare small sips since January because of my weight loss program.

so that is my advice for the day. Do not mix drugs and mints.

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