Friday, April 30, 2004

"Inexpedient to Legislate"

Well they got the bill into the New Hampshire Legislature and guess what? They took the cowards way out. Voting that it was "Inexpedient to Legislate" 223 to 94.
Looks like no Vermont carry till next year.

Got this bad news from End the War on Freedom
Front office blues.

When I get stressed I get a migrane headache. Every time I have to deal with the front office of two of my doctors I end up popping tylenol like certs.

One doctor, who I plan to drop for another, has the problem that it takes more calls and time to get simple things done then it ever should. My wife wasted a whole day of sick time because they had not gotten the correct referral done for me, something we found out after three ass numbing hours in the waiting room of another city. They have no central planning and no visible office manager, It looks like the office staff evolved into their positions as their practice grew. My advice. Crawl back into the sea, you failed in evolution.

The other doctor has a phone system from hell. No matter what button you push it goes to a recording. An office full of people and no one to answer the phone. I finally found how to bypass the recorders and this is the main problem. No matter who you leave a message for, or record a message on the correct line, they never get it. So unless you talk, person to person on the phone, assume it will not get done.

They also have a nice expensive computerized system, only problem is every time we go they refill out the same questions. Yes I am taking the same medicines as last time, yes I have the same problems as last time, yes I am still male, and yes I am here on a follow up. They have to enter it in every time by nurses who use two fingers on a good day to type. Now with a computer terminal in every room hooked together you figure that they could pull up the same information from the last time. NO! A simple "has anything changed?" would save 30-40 minutes per visit. They also have programs on their computer they have not been properly trained on. When you keep hearing "Oops! That's not what I wanted" or "Oops that's not it" you want to ground them from the computer like a kid. Their smart computer is an idiot savant. At best brilliantly autistic.

So doctors, listen up. Our first impression of you is your staff. You may be a modern day Salk, but who wants to go through the three stooges every damn time to get to you?
New addition to his family

Blake, at Nashville files, has picked up a Walther PPKs and is introducing it to the rest of us. Drop by and drool.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Breaking the law. Tennessee style

Down here in Tennessee when we don't like a law, we ignore it. Especially if the law is just plain foolish.
Fight the power.
Something for the soul.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

T'was Grace that taught...
my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear...
the hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares...
we have already come.
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...
and Grace will lead us home.

The Lord has promised good to me...
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be...
as long as life endures.

When we've been here a thousand years...
bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise...
then when we've first begun.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see,

HOORAH! Marine corp!
Volunteer Tailgate Party

Over at the Busy Mom blog, but never to busy to look awesome I may add, she has the weekly best of the Rocky Top Brigade.
With articles ranging from posts with gratuitous kitty shots to ones honoring Pat Tillman.
Good news?

I'll wait and see. When the first paragraph worries me I hold off celebrating
Today, Congressmen Marilyn Musgrave (CO-04) and Virgil Goode (VA-05) announced the creation of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus. Comprised of 38 Members of Congress, this caucus is solely dedicated to the right of lawful individuals to own firearms as granted in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The constitution grants us nothing. We have the rights, the constitution protects them.

Thanks to KABA for the link

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Her first time at the range

I just read that Diana at Beyond the Whispers went shooting with her husband for the very first time. She stuck with a good starter round of .22lr and except for the noise of other shooters seemed to like it. Drop by and give her some well wishes.
When a post ends with this it gives me a good feeling
I can actually say that I'm looking forward to go to the range again.
This sounds good in theory

So now the government thinks that it needs to put all of the medical records in the country in one nice little package. They wrap it with nice string and tie it with a pretty bow to make it look less Orwellian.

Only one problem, the idea is TIA-lite. The great new databanks they were planning on building after 9/11 came crashing down when people started to look at them in the light of day. One part I never could figure out. What would my ingrown toenail, or sore eye have to do with modern terrorism? One of the many aspects of their big plan was to bring together the medical records to help fight terrorism.

Well here they go again. After patriot act 2 was slapped down Bush started to push it piecemeal. Regretfully he got some parts passed. Now it seems he is trying that approach with this.
In a discussion with doctors, patients and health officials, the president promised to name a federal coordinator for information technology.

Why is it I would rather the feds stay out of my colon?
Many people are not seeing it his way and already are vocal about it.
Dr. Marc Seigel, an associate professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine, said he has concerns about a national health care databanking system.
"I'm all for electronic data. It makes facilitation easier, but I'm concerned about patient privacy issues," said Seigel, who has a private clinic in New York.

I just wish he was a little more vocal. The loss of privacy is less my worry. It is the fingers of the government in everyones affairs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Ordering pizza, now

This little humor piece about ordering pizza has been going around the internet and getting a lot of laughs.
Ordering A Pizza in the year 2008
Operator: "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your national ID
Customer: "Hi, I'd like to place an order."
Operator: "I must have your NIDN first, sir?"
Customer: "My National ID Number, yeah, hold on, eh, it's

Well reality is less humorous then fiction.
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — It's dinnertime, and you're hungry and tired, so you pick up the phone and order your favorite pizza. But you might have just landed yourself a lot more than pepperoni and cheese.

If you owe fines or fees to the courts, that phone call may have provided the link the state needed to track you down and make you pay.

That's one of the strategies of firms such as a company being hired by the Missouri Office of State Courts Administrator to handle its fine and debt collections.

Why is it the political humor of yesterday and today the reality of tomorrow?

NOTE: The USA today link to this article ends in this 2004-04-27-pizza-no-privacy_x.htm. No privacy, they sure got that part right.
Shock and awe

Well I had my own occasion to suffer shock and awe recently. My family and my wife's family is wide spread and live all over the country. They have beliefs that run the gamut from pacifist to militant in their social and political views.
The views of one literally caught me off guard at dinner one day.

One of my relatives was in town recently and as things happen world politics were brought up. I cannot remember how the subject came up but the nation of Japan was mentioned. Now this is the mind blowing comment that still rolls around my head.
She is of the WW2 generation, being a young girl during this time. Being from a generation at war feelings of hatred and anger ran loose and the actions of the enemy were against all our normal codes of proper military behavior. This is what she was teethed on as a youth.

"I never will trust those little yellow bastards after what they did at Pearl Harbor.
WTF! At first my mind could not figure out how someone could have such venomous hatred after so long, and "yellow bastards" seemed so outrageous.
I have spent way to much time reading stories and histories of WW2 and thought I knew a lot about it. The hatred and bitter feelings of the war are cold and impersonal in the books. But to see it up close and right at the dinner table still amazes me. I am not judging her, it's just seems strange for feelings like that to last for so long.

The thing is every time I see her to this day I keep hearing those words in my head.
"little yellow bastards"

NOTE. My wife said I may be insulting people by using the words I heard. Well I am not a large media outlet who needs to stay on the good side of a lot of people. I also think using cute sayings like "the N-word" is asinine as we all know what the heck they mean, so I will use the words and hope my 15 regular readers keep coming back.
Good idea to fight spam, bad timing

I keep an eye on my spam, and over half leads to chinanet sites. I have gotten little from, or leading to, Spain. So with them pulling out of the war in Iraq the timing is bad, even if the desire is good.
This will piss him off

Geekwitha45 just starts to unpack in his new home in free Pennsylvania and he gets stabbed in the back.
Frankel said his bill is tougher than the 1994 federal law because it has generic definitions of weapons to prevent gun makers from issuing new assault weapons with new names and designs.
Frankel's measure prohibits the sale, possession or manufacturing of weapons that have certain features, such as semiautomatic weapons with a detachable magazine.

State Rep. Dan Frankel has decided the federal government is dragging its feet about the AWB renewal so he is going to push for a local one. With the liberal Maryland's failure to pass one recently I think this will go nowhere, but it will give Geekwitha45 someone new to hate dislike.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Changes here.

I would just like to introduce my new and improved comment line. After only three cussing outbreaks I got the lines to look right. While I still am not sure how to use the trackback link I will do what I can to get better.

I would also like to introduce a little side project I have been working on. My Monster blog. It is a small fictional* ongoing story of one household and the monster that moves in.

*at least that is what the doctor tells me at the hospital

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I am suffering a painful election

No! Not eRection, I said eLection.
This is going to be one I do not want to vote in. I normally like voting. It is something that defines our country as special. I like the fact that we have the right to make a choice, when so many others do not.

But not this time. We really are stuck. I can find nothing good in this election. Kerry is an ass who even waffles over the cars he owns. The man makes contradictory statements in the same sentence. He is an incompetent Clinton-like liar. On the other hand we have Bush. A man who has never seen anything that he did not want to control, regulate, or spend money on. His soviet style beliefs on human freedoms make him a horrible choice for the office of President. His lack of understanding 2nd amendment issues outside of what the NRA feeds him upsets me to no end.
So this election I may just sit out.

Normally I believe the old saying that if you do not vote you have nothing to complain about. Bull! This time the old saying does not work. The lesser of two evils still sucks.
RTB update

Well things are growing here in the Rocky Top Brigade
A big hello from Gunner to the new members

Nashville Files blog is an offshoot of the The Nashville files and very deserving of reading. While their drop into the comments and say hi to his semi-troll called The Token Librul

Baseball Widow is also here.
Her tagline says enough
The frustrations of a woman who will always be second in her husband's heart . . . He follows the game, and I follow him.

Cas Walker's Coonhunter's Journal is a rebirth of an older blog working on all the political gossip and rumors of Knoxville.
SWWBO has an axe to grind

Over at Castle Argghhh! he tells a small story that may well end him up on the couch tonight. No lying here.
Handgun of the Year

Well the NRA has brought out their annual "handgun of the year" award and it is with little surprise that the new S&W model 500 has won. With a round that just screams to put holes in engine blocks this massive handgun has stolen the hearts of anyone into big guns. This may do for the magnum handgun market what the Barrett .50 caliber did for large rifles.
So look at it and drool.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Beware beautiful bald bandits
Chromed cranial criminals
Hairless hostage holding harlots

In the brave new world of ID slavery a women who is going through chemotherapy and thus lost her hair and a lot of weight was kept from flying because she did not look enough like her slave card photo ID.
When trying to get the whole mess straightened out she was told this
LaPera spent most of Tuesday trying to resolve the issue only to be told during a conversation with a federal Transportation Security Administration employee in Washington that she needed new photos and a doctor's note to explain her changed appearance.

The airport and TSA tried to lay blame on private guards, but since she had to go to the TSA to get permission I lay it all on them
TSA and Frontier Airlines blamed private security guards, frequently mistaken by travelers as TSA employees, for not allowing the woman and her teenage son to board the flight.

So do not loose weight, do not cut your hair, and never ever shave your beard.
"Just keep in mind that, obviously when you hear someone has cancer, your heart reaches out, and I think it was just our employee's effort to try to help her to avoid something like this in the future," Stover said. "And it would make total sense that if someone doesn't look at all like their photo that maybe they may be able to do something to correct that."

Yep. It's her fault. She should of course gone and taken new photo's every time 10 pounds were dropped and the hair changed.

Dear TSA
Please pull head out and breath the free air.
Papers sometimes do mean life

Yesterday I did a post ranting over the governments mind stupefying rules on travel and how many have to carry papers to move freely through the airports of our "free" country.
I thought today I would do a small post on how one man, breaking the rules, used governmental papers to give life to many.
So many have heard of Oscar Schindler and the Jews he saved. But how many have heard of Chuine Sugihara?
If Raoul Wallenberg saved 20,000 - 30,000 Jews, then Sugihara who saved over six-thousand, is the second largest Holocaust rescuer. And yet without public honor in his own land, he passed away quietly, in Japan, in July of 1986.

Take a moment to read how one person made a choice. He lived with public shame and governmental scorn for many years afterwards, but he was a good man.
Blog email security

As we all suffer from spam I have found a place, Dynamic drive, that will make a javascript program for you that encrypts your email into numbers.
Email Riddler is an online tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it, making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list

Drop by and check out the other HTML codes.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Funny how one line can send me into a damn rage

Leading miserabilist and former Smiths front-man Morrissey was stopped and not allowed to travel due to the extreme vigilance the TSA shows to all people for our safety. Only thing is he has nothing to do with terrorism. Yep another black list got him.
Turns out Morrisey's name is close enough to Manchester terror mastermind Anwar al-Morrissey to keep him from flying. They thought he might be a bad person.
But is that what got me so damned upset. No! One damn line in the article sent me over.
And now he'll have one of those letters from the Department of Homeland Security saying he's not - but we doubt that'll cheer him up much.

So to travel he has to carry this letter or else he will be stopped. Are we still in school people? Do we need a damn hallpass to be out and about? Does the government think it is our parent and they have to sign off on all travel? Well yes on that last one.

Now free people have never had to have papers to travel have we?
Let me rephrase that.
Now we have never had to have papers to travel have we?.

Slave Travel Pass
For Harry from Joseph Turner

To All Concerned:

Suffer, the Bearer a Negro named Harry belonging to Allen & Turner to pass quietly from Philadelphia to the Union Iron works in Hunterdon County, New Jersey he behaving himself well.

The Negro is going to Mr. Robert Taylor at Union Forge & Shelling Mill and carries a letter with him to that Gentleman there.

Joseph Turner

I do not use the word slave easily. We are ending up with travel restrictions that are just short of Soviet style travel controls and pre- civil war travel permits. Since the permits were used to allow slaves the right to travel more then a few mile from home I feel they are a good comparison.
Why am I upset? Because the masses of people aren't. They should be surrounding the white house demanding the TSA to be disbanded. I guess that if it does not disrupt their MTV or reality TV then it is not worth their attention.
I guess I will end this rant with a famous quote.

Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security deserve neither security nor liberty.
Benjamin Franklin

Big tip of the hat to Say Uncle

With subtle humor a point was made in an Ohio newspaper.
The Daily Chief-Union of Upper Sandusky has published a story, informing readers about the dangers of lawn mower usage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 75,000 people per year require emergency room treatment for injuries caused by lawn mowers. The paper noted that most injuries are the result of human error, and was even kind enough to offer a few safety tips:

But in a rare case of true misdirection you don't see the punchline till to late.
Why I gave up and things got better

I can truthfully say I have not watched TV news for over 6 months, and before that for a few years it was only by accident. It started when one day I had a flash. TV news is crap. Each is almost the same. They start with the same news story, they then switch between 2-3 other stories of worth, then comes the repetition. Over and over the same filler. I was watching CNN once with my wife and during the filler section they had "news" of something new. Only one problem. I had seen this months ago, the exact same piece. I know because I had went and did some reading on it. Is there so little news they have to pull old stuff out to fill?

So I blog, and read blogs. I read other material online, but blogs are my main filter. You see the online news is swamping us with thousands of stories every day. Since trying to read that much is impossible so I use blogs to filter out the crud and bring the best into one nice package.

Some people limit themselves to one genre of blogs. Mil-bloggers, or lefty bloggers. I try to have enough variety to get a nice fill of news. I have two history/anthropology blogs I go to, three fine gun blogs are also on my dailies, I even have a humor based blog I read. But it is the blogs that make you think that I try to find.

I have a daily blog list that changes over time. Some come and go. But I can say that since I started to blog many things have been shown to me. The BS stories of Fisk, the dowdifications of Dowd, the legal troubles of an ex-Verizon worker in Ohio, and the struggles of one person to find a little freedom and call it home.
Blogs have been called little wannabe news services. I think news services should be trying to look like blogs.

I have also done things I would never had done before. Calling your Senator over a gun makers protection bill is fun. Exchanging even two emails with an English politician who called voters "Bastards" is a real kick . Blogs do something newspaper have trouble doing, getting you off your ass and moving.

So I got off my ass and started my own blog. Thanks for coming by and I hope you drop by again.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the lame...

Well Spain has informed the world they are kissing the ground at the terrorists feet. It is sad that many other countries are following this example. I have not really posted on this issue but when I saw this well worded heading I knew I had to shamelessly steal it from Caribpundit.
Mercenary and proud of it.

Over at John of Argghhh!!! he has a letter posted from one of those "evil"* mercenaries. He talks of friends, home, what they are doing there. He tells why one taxi driver, one shepherds family, and some looters are happy that they are so professional. A note worth taking a moment and reading people.
*According to the media vermin talking heads

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Toolbar questions

ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet Writer did an article for Yahoo about the top 11 toolbars and goes into some detail. But one item jumped out.
The Google Toolbar includes an extremely useful feature for frequent online shoppers. It automatically fills out online forms, such as name and address. A password protects stored credit card information. And if you keep a Web journal using Blogger software, which Google bought last year, you can add entries from the toolbar. LINK

Does anyone use this to post on blogspot? If so drop me a line and tell me how good it is. I have no real issues with most popups, but the spyware on some make me less then happy with the involved companies.
Senatorial investigations

Starr, the Oil companies after gulf war 1, Waco, and now 9/11. The great investigations of my life and I now have something to say. Investigations are like masturbation, good for the ones involved, but does not change anything and does little for anyone else.
A true eye opener

Over at The Smallest Minority he links to an article about the Columbine Killers. The truth is how uninformed most people are about what really happened and why. I will admit I had only a surface knowledge of this crime, and some of the issues the media glorified pushed so hard are just factually wrong.
The lady or the tiger

This poor love struck sap figured without the lady, it would be the tiger.
I am glad the tiger went hungry today.
Rule by royal decree

Down in Austin Texas two judges got so bothered they have issued a royal decree.
AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Two Texas judges have made a federal case out of dog poop on the courthouse lawn.
Irked by a profusion of pet excrement on the small lawn of the federal courthouse in downtown Austin, U.S. District Judges Sam Sparks and Lee Yeakel issued an order on Thursday:

Now there is no end of my anger at this crud. When a judge has the power to issue decrees without anything else but his own irritation as the reason then the system is screwed. Curmudgeonly and skeptical said this was rule by fiat.
An order of a judge or of an officer, whose authority, to be signified by his signature, is necessary to authenticate the particular acts.

Sounds like it to me. It is also BS. Here we have two judges nominated by Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. and they rule just like the Bush's ruled, by executive orders.
Now what does this order say.
BE IT REMEMBERED that on the 15th of April 2004 the court was advised by the General Services Administration that to many individuals had permitted their pets to relieve themselves on the grass and grounds of the united States courthouse, and these individuals have failed to live up to their representations and legal obligation to removal their pets' deposits.
IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that any person who authorizes or permits any animal to relieve itself on the grass or grounds of the United States Courthouse, 200 W, Eighth street, Austin, Texas, shall be subject to citation, fine, and/ or arrest effective on this date.

One problem. The law does not say that at all.
City of Austin city codes, real easy to look through and was a snap to find what I was seeking says this about pets.
An owner or handler shall remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, feces left by a dog or cat being handled by that person on property, public or private, other than the premises of the owner or handler of the dog or cat.
('81 Code, § 3-3-10) (Am. Ord. 021003-13) Penalty, see § 3-3-999

So what is the punishment for this disobedience?

§ 3-3-999 PENALTY.
The penalty for any violation of this chapter shall be as provided by § 1- 1-99 of this Code except that the minimum fine for a violation of this chapter shall be $10, and except that the minimum fine for a violation of § 3-3-41(c) of this chapter shall be $100.
('81 Code, § 3-3-14)

10-100 dollars, No damned arresting mentioned here unless I have read this wrong.
This rule from on high is pissing me off.
So here is the information to call the two judges and say "screw you". But say it in a nice way or else they will rule against you (insert onimous thunder)
Well give Judge Spark and Judge Yeakel a call and tell them how you feel.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Sad anniversaries today

Today is the anniversary of two horrible acts.
The first is when the government feels it answers to no one at all. Waco happened. The paper cuts the people involved will get from all the letters of reprimand in their files is a sad punishment.
The second, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing shows what happens when people fear their government so much that it turns to hate.
thanks to The Conservative Zone for reminding me.
It's what they are not saying that is important

In Pittsburgh they are having the annual NRA convention and the Cheney/NRA lovefest is horrible to see.

Why does it bother me so much? Last month we went through the three ring circus over the Firearm manufacturers protection act. This was, to me, important for many reasons. Where was Cheney or Bush during this whole event? Well they were not in front of the camera telling people why they supported or did not support the bill. They took the cowards way out and avoided it. They hid. Their silence spoke louder then their words ever could.
So now time has passed, not enough for many to forget, but enough time for the NRA leadership to forget. Now Cheney is there giving the line that Kerry is a threat to gun rights. The fuddittes are loving it.

Does the NRA have the balls to call Cheney on his lack of action while the manufacturers protection act was in the senate? No.

Do they have the nadds to call him on the administrations AWB support? No.

Do they have the cajones to call him on the administration not fighting to protect our rights, instead of selling them? Hell no.

The NRA has shown us today that they are no longer the protectors of our rights. They have played the political game so long that the game is more important then the cause.
Dragging the bodies out.

Now this is not something only the Democrats do, but lately they seem more apt to do it then normal. During the firearm manufacturer protection bill they dragged out the bodies of every officer who ever died for their own purposes. With the 9/11 commission they seem to be dragging the bodies of every victim out to use as an election year attack against the president. I fully expect them to drag out even newer bodies when the end of the AWB approaches.
Sick, just damn sick.
Freedom house

New house, good neighbors, nearby gunshop, new job. Geekwitha45 is happy.
Why wouldn't you carry a gun?

In the Arizona Republic opinion section a man takes this view on why he carries where he does
How about protection, senator? Has there ever been a bar or restaurant that's been robbed? How about fights, including gunfights, outside of a restaurant or bar?

Sure, I'm breaking the law most of the time. But, you know what? I would rather be able to say to a jury "I was there minding my own business when I had to protect myself," than to have my mom, sisters and nieces standing over my grave wondering, "Why couldn't he protect himself?" - Michael Stevens, Peoria

Good view to take on the subject I think.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Online music

It is getting hard to listen to music online without registering on most sites, and then the selection is less the great. Well I have found a site called that offers several pages of music videos for your enjoyment. They play in the standard window media player and are made for faster download speeds. Enjoy.
I would like to recommend a few to start with.
Sepultura-Bullet the blue sky
Me First & The Gimme Gimme Gimmes-I Believe I can Fly
Ferry Corsten-Punk
Listen to the voices in your head

Normally the voices in your head tell you to arm yourself. This time the voices were listened to and nothing bad happened. Please have good thoughts for this person.
HT to The High Road
Some stories need to be shared.

This is one of them.
Do you need your own WMD?

Well I think you do. So here is a wonderful site offering you the ability to gain the respect of your peers, the hatred of your enemies, and the interest of the local government. Build on only when the black helicopters are refueling.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

It looks dark

The Smallest Minority and Donald Sensing have just had several thought provoking postings and what each said has been percolating in the back of my mind for days.

I do know this. Certain fundamental ideas that helped define our country seem to be falling by the wayside in a frightening rate. We have supreme court judge openly saying that the constitution is not what should be used as the highest law of the land and we should judge our laws based on the laws of other countries. I see CCW as nothing short of a sellout, because when you have to get permission and it is no longer a right. I see politicians who go to Washington to represent us, and yet they do nothing but represent the ones with the most money, and still get voted back into office. I see a two party system that is so entrenched that they only unite to destroy any valid third party options. I see them spending more time, money, and energy to control us in our daily activities then they do protecting the borders.

I almost wish they had not exchanged the words they had. Perhaps deep down I want the safety of the blue pill, and yet they showed me the real world view of the red pill.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Why I am Gunner

It was 7am on a Sunday morning and getting up early for a hot shower was Gunner's habit. He liked a hot shower.

Things were going well in his life, a promotion was in the works and his choice of career was working out nicely.

He got his bucket and filled it with all that he would need. With his bathrobe in hand he went to the showers and started the last calm shower he would have for a very long time. The sirens and alarm bells started going off with an urgency that could not be duplicated. The call going through the ship was for battle stations, and this was not a drill.

Running to his station wearing only the shorts he had on, he knew from the pounding he felt through the walls that he would not make it. The damage being done to his ship was telegraphed with every shudder and hammer felt underfoot. I do not know if he ever made his station, but I do know he did make it to the water. While so many did not make it, the few who did swam for their lives. The water was clotted with oil, ships darting around in a mass confusion, and the scream of chaos was what he heard that day.

He lived but the ones who knew him did not. When finally he was dragged out of the harbor Gunner was wearing only his shorts, no ID, nothing that would prove who he was. With the terror of an unseen enemy and an unprovoked attack he spent the next few days in a locked room till it could be proven he was, or was not, who he said he was. Well he got out and served on many other ships in the following war, seeing battles up close, and loosing even more friends.

Gunner was my grandfather and he died in 1966, the year before I was born. He was aboard the Arizona that day and his name is etched into the stone of the Pearl Harbor memorial of survivors, 300 plus. Because of the promotion half-done his rank is incorrect. He died in Spain and I never got to know him. I have some old photos, some older military records, and apocryphal stories of a life well lived.

But he did leave me his nickname. He was Thomas H. Lawrence, a US Navy gunner's mate. I am Gunner, his grandson.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hatch becomes a handler

Orin Hatch showing signs of Dementia, and bad research.
Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, says the USA Patriot Act is an excellent weapon against terrorism that rankles only those on the political fringes.

Now I have always had issues with him. Many people in my church, LDS, think he has to be a good person because he is also LDS. I think he is so use to selling out freedom he has a price tattooed on his rear and the republican party is his pimp.
This logic is so flawed I want to scream
A high-ranking Justice Department official says that most Americans insist a detailed study of the issue would expose the flaws in critics' arguments. And Utah's top lawyer, U.S. Attorney Paul Warner, said the Patriot Act proved its worth by helping the state pull off the 2002 Winter Olympics without a major hitch.

So using this logic I could say that since there has been no terrorist acts in a federal prison then the security works and we should be happy? Well screw you sir. I like my freedom and I do not want the security you offer in exchange.
"They haven't been able to show one abuse," Hatch said at a news conference before the hearing, adding that about 200 suspected terrorists had been arrested under the act.

One! How about five found online in four minutes.
The lawyer for a Georgia poultry operation has accused federal prosecutors of misusing the USA Patriot Act in an effort to link his client to terrorists. LINK

The FBI demanded Las Vegas hotels turn over their guest lists leading up to New Year's Eve to check against a U.S. master list of suspected terrorists, a law enforcement official said on Sunday. LINK

"Within six months of passing the PATRIOT Act, the Justice Department was conducting seminars on how to stretch the new wiretapping provisions to extend them beyond terror cases," said Dan Dodson, a spokesman for the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. "They say they want the PATRIOT Act to fight terrorism. Then, within six months, they are teaching their people how to use it on ordinary citizens." LINK

The investigation of strip club owner Michael Galardi and numerous politicians appears to be the first time federal authorities have used the Patriot Act in a public corruption probe. LINK

WASHINGTON - Justice Department investigators found that 34 claims were credible of more than 1,000 civil rights and civil liberties complaints stemming from anti-terrorism efforts, including allegations of intimidation and false arrest. LINK

My advice to Hatch, quit selling yourself like a piece of rightwing meat and grow a backbone. The patriot act is bad and you shilling for it is shameful

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Dead Air?

I will admit I have not followed this liberal lovefest of a radio network . I do know that when they start closing down before they are even in an area long, things look bad

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A National ID Card Wouldn't Make Us Safer

Found at Instapundit and well written. Says it better then I can how totally useless they will be to fight crime.
It is my wife's birthday tonight. Under threat of painful death I cannot tell you she is 37, so do not read this line.
Well off to the party.
I have tried to find new information on a case with no real luck. The one where the guy in New Jersey was arrested and charged for having an arsenel of fake guns in his car. Does anyone know if there is new information on this?

With the election soon to occur I am thinking that bush has an issue that may end his career. Gore had Nader, Bush has the AWB. Unless he deals with it soon I know I will have to think hard about voting for him. I feel stuck between a stone and a Kerry. I know I do not want Kerry, but Bush has done nothing that makes me want to vote for him. From support of the AWB to travel black lists reminiscent of the old Soviets I find Bush as bad a choice as Kerry.
Damn. I will not like the moment I finally have to pull the lever this year.
Scraps of the past

My wife just returned from Kansas. She and her mom went out to see a relative and pick up some family items. My wife noticed a pile of quilting squares that had been sewn together on the back of newpaper. Her great aunt told her the were her Grandma's. She looked at them and saw that they were 4X4 inch cuts of the latest newspaper of Sep.1 1938 when they were originally sewn together. Well she took took them off and brought them home for me.
The small scraps and half articles are strange to read.
The partial story of Otis Adams, chicken thief. A kid who had served time in the state reformatory for car theft. The article said he was still in jail and had not been arraigned.
A two paragraph story of Scott Jordon 27, civilian clerk at the Leavenworth, Ks. Army post killed when an army truck and a motor car collided.
Good news. In the monor league baseball
western association
Muskogee 9, Joplin 2,
Bartlesvill 7-6, Ponca City 3-3,
Hutchinson 11, Salina 4,
Springfield 6, Fort Smith 2

But abother scrap from another day shows Hutchinson not doing to good
Western association play-offs
Springfield 5, Hutchinson 3
Ponca city 16, Fort Smith 8

And to end this strange post an ad showing a man holding proudly a fat chicken
More taste, more downright
smokin' joy- and around
70 makins' smokes in every
big, red, P.A.tin. No wonder
it's Prince Albert for me.
Awol awol?

What did I miss? For over a month every other story put out by the main media groups involved the AWOL issue. They pounded it into our head like a stake into our heart. To them this issue was the defining moment of the election. Then just when the tide of reality started to turn against them. When people came forth with the truth about the military records the story vanished faster then Enrons accounts.
So what is the new media story they are attacking us with? 9/11. This is what they are screaming. Every time they pull a new memo out it is like the a high school kid seeing his first tit. The excitement they show is almost obscene.
But bad news is occurring. This whole show is having the effect of helping the presidents numbers. When Rice went in and showed more balls then any man there it started to turn against them. Now they see the truth that although there were warning of many things, nothing specific pointed to what would happen.
So what do I see happening? I see the commission finally breaking to make their final report. I see them releasing a report that is worded so that any interpretation could occur from it. When they see the attacks on Bush failing they will crawl behind a wall of protection built with vague wordings and rumors.
I truly wonder what the next big thing will be.

Monday, April 12, 2004

What a waste of ink.

This article was pointed out to me at The High Road. I at first thought it was a spoof, then I realized this guy is seriously screwed up in the head.
Find the convention's organizers and demand to know why Dirty Harry, Rambo and "that weird Moses guy" aren't appearing in person this year.
Tell passers-by you're thinking of starting a street gang and need information about the best kinds of guns and ammo to use for drive-bys.

So who wrote this nice little article that shows a warped sick mind
Mike Seate is a staff writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He can be reached at (412) 320-7845 or e-mail him at
We see you

I decided to try a little experiment. I set my protection program to alert me everytime someone attempted to load a spyware, adware, or tracking cookies on my computer. I normally have my protection program working silently in the background but I wanted to see who tried to tag me. I was unpleasantly surprised by some. Most came up on the ad popups that sites had but a couple were site specific. I tried to contact Drudge Report and to see what they would say about this but no reply.
For the two days I listed them I got few hits and all that I was warned about belong to the tracking cookie definition
"Spyware cookies" are simply those cookies which are not used only by a single site for its private interactions with its users, but are shared across sites. When multiple sites read from the same cookie, those sites share information. Spyware cookies collect information from multiple sites, as they are visited, then share this info with multiple sites, as they are visited. Spyware cookies are not dangerous, and invade your privacy very little. Nonetheless, some folks hate them
Avenue A
Drudge report legends)
I am not sure how much control that certain sites have on popup ads or header ads but why do they allow this? I consider my privacy very important and anything that gets on my computer without asking me is Spyware.
Some people try to seperate good spyware and bad spyware. If I was not asked if it could go on my computer then it is BAD!

Spying with Cookies
A newly discovered flaw in the way that Internet Explorer handles Web site cookies could enable an attacker to view and edit a user's personal data contained in the cookies. The vulnerability affects all versions of IE.
Under normal operation, Web sites are only able to access the cookies for their site on a given user's machine. By crafting a URL with specific contents, an attacker could gain access to cookies for other sites and edit the contents of the files by injecting a script. Many sites store personally identifiable information in their cookies. To execute the attack, the victim must either visit a Web page or open an e-mail containing the malicious URL. Microsoft has given the vulnerability a "high" severity rating for all affected systems

After reading this, and knowing you leave my vulnerable, I have one thing to say.
Stay off my damn computer!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Go right now.

Go to The Smallest Minority and read an old, from Kevin's discription, but great story.
Well, what are you waiting for?
OH!! You need a link.
Well there it is.. Now go!
Your first

Everyone has their first, be it a rifle, shotgun, or handgun there is always the first one. Mine was a Remington bolt action 22lr. I honestly cannot tell how many rounds I have shot in it, or how much I abused that poor thing.
It was the one my cousin and I went to the lake with to shoot dragon flies. It was the one I shot multitudes of cans and bottles with. It is also the one I will never part with.
I find elegance in my Swedish mauser, beauty in a stainless steel revolver, and purpose of design in my Hungarian automatic. But the little, abused 22lr will always be the connection to a good part of my youth. Others can come and go, but not that one. It's here for the long run.
chicks Ladies with guns

Well Nashville is hoasting "Shooting for Women Conference" and things are looking good
In what organizers call "the softer side of shooting," a gun convention for women is offering classes ranging from hunting and gun safety to gourmet game cooking and fancy hat making.
There was even a pajama party with manicure tips and a shooting scrapbook contest.

Not much more to say then I really hope they have fun.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Trigger lock a life saver

Now I do not think I would ever charge a man with a shotgun but the people here did and gave him a good ass kicking. Now I think trigger locks are a good idea for firearms in storage, not on the ones you go to if troubles occur.
So remember, remove trigger locks and load, before attempting robbery,
The man's shotgun was not loaded and had a trigger lock, Whitehead said.

So so close to a Darwin moment here.

When it comes to dealing with anti-gun people here I find their logic to be disturbing.
Example. One argument against gun control is the historical fact that when gun controls were introduced, for whatever reason, there was normally a decrease in individual rights, The abuses in history by governments against their own people are to many to count. Their standard reply is that it could never happen here because our government would never do it.
But these people are the same group that when ever the government does something they do not like the screams of protest can be heard around the world. They spend so much time telling us how evil our government is to the Indians/minorities/foreigners/etc. and that we should hate it. That I have trouble reconciling their beliefs.
The government that will not do bad is also the government that can do no right. A very strange logic to the liberal lefts views on gun control. They seem to have blinders on to the two-faced nature of their beliefs.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Across the Atlantic

The new slave cards national ID cards will be out in as short as 4 weeks. The government there seems almost happy at the speed of their actions.

Last week Tony Blair said at his monthly news conference that identity cards would be introduced "more quickly than even we anticipated".
He said that the government had won over those who opposed the controversial measure for civil liberties reasons.
Practical issues and logistics were the only things stopping the introduction of ID cards, he said.

Unless each police officer has on him a connection to the big brother computer I see one problem. Counterfeits. I would say within a month there will be bad copies on the street and a month after that good copies that would require using the biometric readers to find them out.
But good news!
The people will be charged 67$US for each one to offset the government costs. Sort of like heating your own branding iron.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Come and take it

Geekwitha45 has a post that can be summed up as "action speaks louder then words, so get off your rear and do something". Go and read it now.
Words well spoken

Ravenwood feels he is not getting the full value for his dollar. I agree with him.
Building issues.

I have read how many Eurowennies in the international arena are upset that we hit the Mosque in Iraq with a rocket . Tough!. When a group uses a sacred building as a base it looses its sacred nature. I see no great evil with them blowing the building all to heck. My reasoning can be shown here.
New blog on the street comes out with guns blazing

Heartless Libertarian comes out with an idea of massive civil disobedience. With the horrible McCain-Feingold hanging around our necks like a noose just ready to be pulled by the government does the idea of civil disobedience become a necessity? I think it does.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Over at Unfreezing he talks about blogads and how they use what you post to figure out what to place on your page. To tell you the truth I had not even looked at mine. So I did.
One ad is for getting your FFL license kit and the other is for a way to get your FFL, money back guaranteed. Well if I lead one person down the path to self-protection then I will call my blog a success.
Major slapdown

Knowing this is in New York I had to see if this was an old April 1st article.
Queens prosecutors yesterday dropped the only charge against the bodega clerk who they said shot an armed robber in self-defense, prompting the alleged robber's attorneys to call for a state investigation.

This poor clerk defended himself and the scum's vultureattorney tried, in a sad defense, to turn the tables on the clerk.
Wrong answer! Turns out even in New York the prosecutor saw through his tricks.
All good, but.
The clerk should never have been threatened with charges in the first place.
It is a crappy place to live when defending yourself results in you being the bad guy.

Thanks to KABA for the link.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Road Trip

I love small country museums. The best museums are so far out of the way that most people were never even know they exist. But they do because of small town pride in who they are and where they come from. I have seen some that were so small they had a telephone number posted on the front door for you to call so somebody could come and let you in. I have little use for large museums. They may have the "better" collections of antiques, art, etc. But they are about as friendly as a government office. Small town museums have a style and class all their own.

For example, one of the best railroad museums I have ever been to is in Chase, Alabama. The North Alabama railroad museum. Why the best? Well that's a bit of a story. My wife and I were on a road trip from central Tennessee to eastern Tennessee. We got sidetracked and ended up in Alabama. (Those are the best kinds of road trips, no plan, lots of maps and brochures, and a desire to just "go that'away".) As we were driving I saw a sign for a railroad museum. What the heck I thought, so we did a hard right and followed the signs. The museum was in an old refurbished railroad depot. Nice, simple, open, and nobody in sight.

We wandered through. It was actually quite nice. Lots of stuff, good displays, and well cared for machines of the railroading age were the staples of this (as well as most other) rural museums. We spent a good half hour looking around and enjoying ourselves immensely. As we were leaving I noticed a sign saying that tours were $2.50. OK, so we left the money next to the cash register. I made the required remark about cleaning out the till, and received the standard punch in the arm reply that I am accustomed to in that situation.

As we walked out we saw two little old ladies talking and sitting on the porch to avoid the sun. One of them turned to us and said "Oh! Do you want a tour?" What the hay! So we showed her where we had left the money and she gave us the tour. To say she might have used some of the gear when new would get me punched again, so I kept my mouth shut. She gave a one on one tour worth more then 2.50$ each.

Now why do I feel the need to write about this? Mostly because I am just so tired of the warehouse mentality that has overtaken so many things in this country. What happened to the mom and pop stores? Smothered by the new mega-mall. I think we are loosing our sense of local pride, and responsibility. Personally I would rather pay a bit more at the local store where they know me, than be a number at the latest mega-hell store.
Smile, your dead.

One of the reasons people are against gay marriage is it may be a stepping stone to even stranger varieties of marriage. Now I am not here to debate the reasons for, or against gay marriage. But take a look at how far they have pushed the bounds of marriage in France. Do we need to contact John Edwards to preside over this ceremony? I have no idea if she is doing this as a hoax or as an artistic statement, but my advice to her is get a hobby real fast.
Thanks to Museum of Hoaxes for the article. The press release was not on April 1st. I checked.

Monday, April 05, 2004

"I am not a number"

Well, that was the yell from the Prisoner and it may well be the yell of everyone in Great Britain soon. Using the fact that terrorist live among them, ones they allow in and protect, they will soon require universal ID card.
Everyone in Britain could be forced to have identity cards within five years under a fast-track plan by David Blunkett which is backed by Tony Blair and gaining support within the Cabinet.
Last month's bombings in Madrid and last week's arrest of suspected Islamic terrorists in Britain have persuaded more ministers that compulsory ID cards will have to be introduced much sooner than they originally envisaged. The Government announced last November that it would phase in voluntary identity cards from 2007-08 and decide in 2013 whether to make the scheme compulsory.LINK

But wait! They even go one better. They also want to take DNA every time you are taken into custody, even if you are never charged with a crime.
Tony Blair will today urge the police to use new powers to fingerprint and take DNA samples from anyone they arrest, including those over the drink-drive limit.
Until now, the police have been able to fingerprint and take DNA without consent only from those who are charged or convicted of a recordable offence.
The Prime Minister believes that extending fingerprinting and DNA testing will result in more crimes being cleared up. Eighteen months ago a successful prosecution for the murder and sexual assault of a schoolboy 30 years ago was based on a DNA sample taken from a drunk driver.LINK

So very soon Great Britain will have everyone in a nice card catalogue, counted, tagged, and domesticated like people should be in their eyes.
So will the people arise and protest the Draconian laws being forced down their throats?
Maybe, but the last time they spoke the politicians reply was “The voters have spoken, the bastards”.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell viagra.

Everyone gets spam, it's a fact of life. Everyone has attempted to stop the spam and realized the futility of it.
Well over at he did a post that showed how the 15 filter slots in my yahoo account will not work to stop all of the spelling varieties of "Viagra"
After I received 80,730 different emails trying to sell viagra, I started to wonder: How many different ways are there to spell Viagra?

Now I could talk about how HARD a subject this is to GET A HAND ON. I could talk about the RIGID NATURE of the internet. But I would just be EXHAUSTED AND LIMP by the time I was done.
Breaking the law- Police style

Over at Instapundit he has posted about the police not just admitting that they let other officers break the law, but bragging about it in print.
Frayler's comments echo views expressed in the spring union newsletter, in which treasurer Bill Mauck exhorts "you don't summons another cop" and says that when officers decline to cite each other, "the emotion you feel should be that of joy."

Also some departments seem to be upset that some cops are not fulfilling their true mission
Supervisors have warned some of them that busting bad guys or making time-consuming arrests distracts them from their true mission - generating money for the village.

He has more, enough to piss you off for the rest of the night.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Jet Lag?

That must be it. Here Kim du Toit has his regular Saturday skin with a gorgeous model holding a awesome little submachine gun. One I have always wanted to shoot and he does not identify it. Shame sir. So to my regular dozen readers. What is it?
Looks Fuzzy but I think this and this is correct.
Basic coverage

Well Say Uncle has just lived through a adware program and is not very happy. Using advise from comments he went and found a good program to clean the bad program out and protect himself. What surprised me is that he did not have the specific program in the first place,
So I am going to go over a few programs I feel are basic for protecting your computer and links to download them.

Spybot S&D(Pepimk software). 98/ME/2000/XP. I consider this one of the better spyware protection programs out there. I have had little problems with it and the ones I have had were small and allowable. This is shareware so nothing is required to be paid, but donations are liked.
Ad-Aware(Lavasoft) 98/ME/NT/2000/XP This is a protection from "data-mining, aggressive advertising, and tracking components" I would consider this the second program after Spybot to add every time
Spyware blaster(Javacool software) 98/ME/NT/2000/XP While the first two programs clean your computer this one blocks the programs from getting to you in the first place. This "may" effect some site, but it has never happened to me. "The program also allows you to take a snapshot of your computer (certain settings) in its clean state and later revert many changes made by spyware and browser hijackers." I have never used this option but it would be good if changes are made
Hijackthis(Merijn)98/ME/2000/XP This program lists all installed browser add-on, buttons, startup items and if need be inspect and remove them. A bit advanced but this is one of two hijack protections I have running at all times.
Browser hijackblaster(wilderssecurity) 98/ME/2000/XP is a freeware program and protects your default setting for IE homepage, default page, search page, and BHO's. The website for the program recommends SpywareGuard. I do not have that one, but will be looking into it.

Some of the bad programs the ones above can find, they cannot remove. Example is CoolWebSearch (aka CoolWwwSearch, YouFindAll, and a dozen other names). This needed a specialty program to remove called CWShredder. There are several sites with specialty programs like MajorGeek (No relation to Geekwitha45) and a specialty section in Spycatcher.
I would recommend to everyone to get the above 5 if you plan to be on the web. They need to be run as often as would make you comfortable. They also need to be updated. This involves hitting the "check for updates" on each one every few days and new protection definitions will be downloaded to help you protect yourself.
I just spent four hours at my brothers getting over 250 spyware/adware/tracking cookies off his computer because he had no protection at all.
Assault nail guns??

It takes only one fool to start a debate over control, and in the socialist countries of the world one fool will create a demand for new laws faster then anywhere else.
So this fine young man takes a tool and shoots himself in the head.. His words say it best.
BRAD Shorten admits he is a fool who is lucky to be alive.
He was skylarking with mates over a few beers and took what he thought was an empty nail gun and pointed it at his head.
The Victorian father of three fired a 3.2cm nail through his skull into his brain, just behind his temple.

So he got drunk, he took a tool he knew well, or so he thought, and shoots himself. Regretfully for the species Darwin must have been busy that day. So after he gets fixed up he tells his story and says ""I did a very stupid thing," he said. "
Great. He admits to being real stupid and drunk. Enough said.
In steps in the regulators.

NAIL guns are as lethal as firearms in inexperienced hands and consideration should be given to licensing operators, the Master Builders Association of Tasmania says.
Association executive director Chris Atkins warned do-it-yourself handymen that nail guns should be treated with just as much respect as a firearm.
"They are an advanced tool which serves a purpose in building, yes, but they are essentially a firearm, and in the wrong hands can be lethal," Mr Atkins said.
"Giving a nail gun to an inexperienced operator is like giving a machinegun to a baby."

"Nail guns are as lethal as firearms"?? That must be one powerful nailgun or they have real wimpy firearms down there.
Now I have never used a nailgun or even know if a license is needed here. Yes injuries occur when used incorrectly, just like everything else in the world. It would be nice if classes were offered, but they have been offer driving classes all over this country here and people still drive dumb. This is regulation for the sake of regulating.
Australia. Land of Oz Doooh!!! (Homer Simpson like sound inserted here for effect)

The links for the article seem to be working only half the time

Friday, April 02, 2004


On April 1 Google brought out the idea of their new-super-email service with options that anyone would die for. Massive storage, search options for old emails, even spam screening, but with a cost. No. Not money or gold, but privacy. Most emails today go through one or more filters while just getting to you, and then you might even have your own. Privacy is not assured in any email today. But they seem to take it a step beyond.
But the company's new service also will monitor customers' e-mails and attach targeted ads depending on the topics discussed in the messages.

They will "read" your mail and tell you of good deals that may interest you.
Anyone who has read the newspapers in the last weeks has read about the fed demanding that ISPs make online communications easier to intercept. I understand that this is about voice communications, but this is a step in the wrong direction. With the ability to read every word and give you deals comes the power to look for other words and inform on you. The fed have had a system called carnivore and echelon going for awhile and this will make it even easier for them. Google robots running around your email reading and coding it all into nice little columns.
Well here is how abuse can occur.
She is the bomb. I can't wait to give her my special package of love.

Every time I gun the engine the damn carburetor explodes

So email like this will set off bells. With the millions of emails going around another name will be added to a list.
But how do people in the industry look at the issue?
"Consumers are willing to sacrifice some privacy in return for what they gain from using the Web," said Matt Certo, president of WebSolvers Inc., a Winter Park company that builds and hosts Web sites for businesses. "I mean, you're already tracked by many businesses. Hotels know what movies you watch on pay-per-view. Grocery stores track what you buy in exchange for coupons and discount cards. The whole Internet creates certain concerns for privacy infringement."

Well, in two words I will answer you. Mr. Certo, SCREW YOU!!

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Over at Geekwitha45 he has found a good article about the influence of Muslims in Europe and how they abuse the "protected freedom" the socialists give them.

No idea but blogspot is so slow today I thought they may had shut me down or something. If you wait long enough to even see this message thank you.
Sniff sniff

This story has been running around the net with resulting arguments about its pro's and con's. Thanks to Nashville files for pointing out this information online. Now the Smoking gun has posted the search warrant request for the futile search that occurred. Now I have never studied the area of search warrants much but one page raised a question. A police officer cannot just walk on to a piece of property without a warrant just to check it out. But I noticed how he phrased the information on the drug sniffing dog results.
Storm is a SDPD canine that is 100% proficient in the detection of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. DeCastro presented the residence to Storm and Storm showed a positive alert at the front garage door of the residence

So do they allow police the right to just wander up to a house and sniff around? Something smells fishy here.
Also Storm is now no longer 100% proficient.

A good ole boy down in Alabama finally got tired of legal troubles. He seems to be involved in a custody battle with someone if looking at one photo is read right. Well after taking crud for to long he put up a sign and told the world the following
"Our Court System Is a Joke."

I think anyone who has dealt with the court system would understand this. But then things take a surreal turn when he is arrested for contempt. Not just arrested but a full shackle job was done on him
"They put leg shackles, they put handcuffs, they put chains from my legs up to my waist. They put a chain around my waist. They put chains from my waist up here and had my hands pulled up like this."

Overreaction? Hell yes!!. But is it contempt? On the surface, also yes.
There is a Polaroid of another sign in the article that says this.
Judge Haralson ???? That my minor children 13 & 15 Need to be with their mother even though she let's them smoke pot, ???? drugs & run wild

Now the article makes this out to be a first amendment rights case, and it does border on it, but his actions were an extension of the court case.
Now I have never liked the whole "contempt of court" doctrine because the judge becomes the judge and jury. Instant arrest and punishment at his whim. No one person should have that power over any citizen. When due process is taken out of the picture this happens.
"Of course I'm safer. See all the rules." Said the Californian

I was looking for a bit of local law information at the ATF site and found something that made me laugh out loud. Here is ATF P 5300.5 - State Laws and Published Ordinances - Firearms (2000 - 22nd Edition), the main page for the individual state laws, as of 2000.

Being from Tennessee I found a whole 6 1/2 pages of laws ruling me. But I also noticed the section, or I should say section"s", for California. Section one has 27 pages, section two has 26 pages. I will admit some of part two had individual city laws but, Damn!!! It looks like it would be next to impossible not to break a law out there.

Well people, I have a question. Do you feel safer in Tennessee with 6 1/2 pages of laws or Californians 55+???

To damn lazy

I'm a solid firearms enthusiast. I can't afford to be a proper gun nut, but I can hope. The news is filled with a solid effort to ...