Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone
Look real stupid and they write about it for the whole world to mock you.


Almost everyone here has read of criminals being let loose with little to no bail and committing dozens of crimes before finally they are brought to justice. Well this person was released and went about doing what he does best, break the law. Even with 28 charges he was released. Well 17 known crimes later he is recaptured and questions were asked.
The Supreme Court judge who demanded to know the name of ``the idiot'' who granted bail to a serial burglar....

Well the title of the post gives you a good idea who the villain is.
Justice Dean Mildren yesterday conceded privately that he was the judge to grant the thief bail last November.
It is believed Justice Mildren forgot he was responsible.

This glorious deed was brought to you by the legal eagles of Australia.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Government control for no good reason

Over at Wolfesburg Debra has posted on a poor farm trying to do good, but hitting a bureaucratic wall of stupidity. Creekstone Farms Premium Beef wants to test their meat for mad cow disease but the gov. will not let them. The reasons why are mind boggling in inane logic.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (news - web sites) (USDA) currently does not allow such private testing for mad cow disease. And it claims that a new government testing system it approved this month is perfectly adequate. More than 10 times the number of cattle will be tested for mad cow under the new system, but the government still will be testing less than 1% of the 37 million cattle slaughtered in the U.S. each year. That falls far short of the 100% testing Creekstone Farms is proposing and Japan provides.

So when you hear "Beef, It's what's for dinner tonight?", it will have a little more meaning.
Can Mormons eat Fastfood?

Yes. Yes we can. No idea why that question ever came up that it required a comcast search. But when I found it in the referrals I just thought it should be answered.
Yes we can.
Thank you for your interest in Mormon culinary practices.
We now return you to your regular blogging.

A friend said the question most likely is the result of the Heavy Mormon guy who worked the cage in the movie SWAT. He said the words of wisdom did not allow Fastfood.
A small ray of sanity

If the article did not say California I would not have believed it. A local "inland" lawmaker, Assemblyman Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga, is trying to get a bill passed to teach gun safety in schools. Great! They need to have it. I am for driving classes and health classes and i am only a little worried about what they will teach.
"I didn't want it to be slanted one way or the other," Kraft said. "I didn't want the Brady organization coming in and saying, 'Don't ever touch a gun, they're evil.' And I didn't want the NRA (National Rifle Association) to come in and say that every student should be packing."

Now many will say it is going to be hard to get a non-biased lesson plan for the school. I agree. I hope they teach it like drivers ed. Responsibility, knowledge, and the dangers that could be involved. A perfect program will involve several trips to the local police range and time with some .22LR's.
Now not all parents are happy about this. One in particular used bad logic.
"If someone wants to know about gun safety, they don't need to learn about it in school. There are enough problems with guns in school anyway," said Scott Stevenson, who has two children at Arroyo Valley High School in San Bernardino.

I respect his desire to protect his children from reality, but, the problem is other kids, not the firearms.
Now I am not sure of the political leaning of this newspaper, but they included some telling information.
Other states have introduced gun-safety instruction. In North Carolina, many students learn to load and unload guns as part of physical education classes. And in Ohio, lawmakers recently allocated $40,000 to include the Eddie Eagle program in the school curriculum.
In 2001, California had 286 fatal shootings involving its estimated 9.9 million residents under 18, with only a handful of them accidental, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
North Carolina had 51 fatal shootings that year among 2.1 million residents under 18, for an incident rate slightly lower than California's. Lower still was Ohio, where 59 youths died from firearms that year out of a population of about 3 million.

Showing that states with liberal minded gun laws are on the whole safer was a good way to get support for the classes.
Now with people against it one thing should be noticed. They are not against their own children being in the class, as much as they are about not giving you the right to have your children take it. The class is optional. When they try to stop it they want to keep your kids in the dark, and their own. A perfect liberal.
I say that if a parent is against the class then "don't let your children take the damn class, but don't try to make the choice for other parents you social nit-wits" (my words).

Article requires registration. Passwords can be found here
A small sign of hope

When I was younger the fringe always talked, or whispered, about the coming police state. I will admit I felt they needed to take more medicine, or fix their aluminum beanies. But today I look around and it seems every department in the government is armed, geared, and looking just like the shock troops the fringe talked about.
Worried? Well I know I am. The black booted thugs our government lets loose on us have so little reason to do things right. What was the result of the clusterfuck fiasco at Ruby Ridge or Waco. A few demotions, some letters in their files with resulting horrible paper cuts, and some were even promoted. To say I was not impressed with the governments desire to do right is an understatement.
But there seems to be a little good news on the horizon. Alaska, the state that just last year voted in a Vermont wannabe carry law has delivered a resounding "NO!" to one government agencies desire to arm themselves.
A proposal to allow child support workers who investigate deadbeat parents to carry weapons was rejected by the state House on Monday.

Now I understand emotions run high when it comes to divorce and children, but there needs to be limits, and that's what they did.
Before someone tells me of the high risk job the agents work in I think this needs to be brought out.
Steve Porter, deputy revenue commissioner, said investigators do not need guns to do their work, much of which consists of researching income sources for delinquent noncustodial parents.
Investigators spend little time pursuing parents who are potentially violent because they are just as likely to also be broke, Porter said.
"Most high-risk contacts are also low revenue generators," Porter said.
Investigators were issued bulletproof vests several years ago but none has ever been shot at or assaulted, Porter said.
In fact, investigators who feel threatened enough to don a vest for an interview must either bring an Alaska State Trooper with them or skip the encounter, Porter said.

I just wish more "NO's!!" were delivered to the government.

My wife asked me why they need permission. After all they do have a Vermont carry. Is one of the regulations applied to their position that they are not allowed to carry? What a role reversal when they have to ask to carry and we don''t.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

"When judges put their heads up their arses"
Next on Fox

The only correct part of the first sentence is the word groundbreaking, as in groundbreaking for the funeral.
It's a groundbreaking court decision that legal experts say will affect everyone: Police officers in Louisiana no longer need a search or arrest warrant to conduct a brief search of your home or business.

Yep! They just got tired of that old due process and chucked it right out the window. I have no idea how they can ignore the constitution, then I think of how the supreme court seems to ignore it quite nicely and I'm left with a feeling of dread.
Leaders in law enforcement say it will provide safety to officers, but others argue it's a privilege that could be abused.
The decision was made by the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Two dissenting judges called it the "road to Hell."
The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed in Denham Springs in 2000..

The two dissenting judges are apparently the only ones willing to stand up for the constitution. People, we are protected from a government running out of control by the constitution. The courts are more and more warping it around to say what they want it to say. I do not see any safety factor at all. My understanding is that an officer can secure a premise by walking through it but no more. It is not an excuse to search. I think the ink will not even be dry before use of this ruling will cause abuse.
What he seems to be saying is that if they have a problem then they have the right to search really fast for there own safety.
What do they mean safety? This seems a broad brush stroke of a ruling to me.
New Orleans Police Department spokesman Capt. Marlon Defillo said the new power will go into effect immediately and won't be abused.
"We have to have a legitimate problem to be there in the first place, and if we don't, we can't conduct the search," Defillo said.

I feel Mr. Defillo lives in a very happy perfect world. I don't. Creep is the issue. I was worried when they started to seize all the drug money and everything associated with it, and they assured us it was for our own good. Now they seize anything they can get their dirty hands on. Where is due process when you have to prove your innocence in order to get your stuff back. What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?
The statement "We have to have a legitimate problem to be there in the first place, and if we don't we can't conduct the search" is really asinine. If they have a legitimate problem resulting in their presence, then there should be due cause for a search warrant to be obtained before a search takes place.
But former U.S. Attorney Julian Murray has big problems with the ruling.
"I think it goes way too far," Murray said, noting that the searches can be performed if an officer fears for his safety -- a subjective condition.

We all will have big problems with this ruling.
Defillo said he doesn't envision any problems in New Orleans, but if there are, they will be handled.
"There are checks and balances to make sure the criminal justice system works in an effective manor," Defillo said.

"Checks and balances"? Well before this ruling we did have "checks and balances" but they just got shot to heck.
In this article the judge said this
In the majority opinion, Judge William Lockhart Garwood wrote that any in-home encounter poses a risk to police officers -- even if it's simply to interview someone.

So I would assume that if a police officer comes to talk to you he has the right to walk through your whole house "for his own safety"
Defense attorney Jim Boren said the ruling still limits police to searches in certain circumstances, but still represents a "scary trend."
"After the king signed the Magna Carta and granted power back to the people, he woke up, said, 'I made a mistake and need to get it back,' " Boren said. "And the government's been trying to do that ever since. We had a bright-line rule that said no searches without an arrest warrant. Now we have one that says sort of, maybe."

Well said to Mr. Boran.
This whole ruling seems a bit extreme for what is a subjective problem. We have checks and balances to keep abuse from occurring. Taking them down for ease of enforcement is an open door for abuse.

I see nothing good coming from this except abuse by police badly trained on legal issues.

I have posted here and here on the TSA and its lists of "bad" people who cannot fly. The lists are created from several sources and the reason why you're on it may be hard to find. But good news. A late breaking story may show you how you got on the list if there is any problems. The crack team of government employees are ever vigilant in gathering the best intelligence on all threats.
Florida on my mind

Bill 155 is all but passed and I am happy. It says that lists of firearms shall not be made. Not one. Rep. Lindsay M. Harrington, the sponsor of the bill, did good.
Reading the bill is fun, I like the way it is straight forward and lays it on the line
1. The right of individuals to keep and bear arms is guaranteed under both the second amendment to the United States constitution and s.8, art I of the state constitution.
2. A list, record, or registry of legally owned firearms or law-abiding firearm owners is not a law enforcement tool and can become an instrument for profiling, harassing, or abusing law-abiding citizens based on their choice to own a firearm and exercise their second amendment right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed under the United states constitution. Further, such a list, record, or registry has the potential to fall into the wrong hands and become shopping list for thieves

I really like it. I wish they had worded one part differently. "exercise their second amendment " is wrong. It is a second amendment protected right. The amendment gave me nadda. It helps protect my right from the government. But I nit pick.
The people against it are trying to make is sound silly. They make fun of a bill that bans lists. When logic fails them they use mockery.
"If the governor signs it, Florida could be the first state in the union to bar its citizens from keeping a certain kind of list.

It's not the citizens I worry about. It's the government and what they do with the lists that are a threat to me, and you.
But one section, a real gem, is left out. The original bill had some well worded lines for opponents of this bill. Regretfully they were dropped but I found this article online that shows the true desire of what the bill protects us from.
I'll end this post with what was left out. The best part in my opinion.
"Whereas, history has shown that the registration of firearms in Cuba enabled Fidel Castro to confiscate firearms and render the disarmed population helpless under his tyranny, and "Whereas, history has also shown that the registration of firearms in Nazi Germany enabled Adolph (sic) Hitler to confiscate firearms and render the disarmed population helpless in the face of Nazi atrocities, and "Whereas, firearm registration lists have led to gun confiscation in Australia, Bermuda, Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, the former Soviet Union, and other countries, and "Whereas, history has shown that registration of firearms in California, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., has led to the banning and confiscation of firearms, and "Whereas, repeated attempts to accumulate firearms data into computerized databases by some of Florida's agencies and political subdivisions have placed the privacy rights of law-abiding firearm owners at risk, thereby making legislative protection necessary..."

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Rock on'

How many times have we tried to tell politicians that criminals, real criminals not paper work criminals, are the problem not the firearms? Well here is proof that when you take guns away from criminals they do not slow down, they just rearm.
Another Armed Robbery in St. John's 3/27/04 (Stephen Williams)
Police are on the lookout for two suspects after an armed robbery at a service station on Elizabeth Avenue early this morning. RNC say at about 1:50am, two suspects entered the station, one armed with a rock. They got away with an undisclosed amount of money. There were no injuries as a resuly(sic) of the incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact the RNC or Crimestoppers.

UPDATE: Article link is now dead. The full text of the article is included in this post
Code queen

Well if you would take a second to look on the right you will notice a new email link. My wife, code goddess, did her first code for me. She has been taking an HTML class and small improvements will be occurring over the next month. So for my hordes of readers, all 19 of you, enjoy the changes.
gun-toting freaks

Thanks! Yes, yes I am. But no Confederate flag, sorry.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Might as well try

This gives me an idea
Anyone have a .50 bmg barrett they want to trade. Got a low mileage Tennessee model here for trade.
Something they missed.

Instapundit leads to the blog of Matt Margolis. Never heard of him before, but he just got beat around by protesters at a local Bush visit. In reality nothing new. People clash and tempers flare.
But they missed something in the article
The clashes followed the detention of two protesters who refused to move to a designated protest area before Bush's speech earlier in Nashua, N.H.
Police said the unnamed protesters were not arrested.

This is a subject that bothers me. The designated protest area's are normally off the main route of the president and away from the cameras of the press. But did you notice that they were detained, but not arrested. I would lay money they were released the second Bush left town.
The tricks local police and secret service use to keep people in line are outrageous. In St. Louis they condemned building to take control of protest headquarters, they also arrested people for riding their bikes in protest "without a license". Later dropped when they "realized" that it was not a law in the first place.
People need to understand that detain is another word for suppress.
Mark Lancaster

Outside of middle Tennessee most would never have heard his name. Here, he is either known as Mark Lancaster, or the "Machine gun minister" as the media likes to call him. Yes a minister, specifically a music minister for a local church.
What is his crime? Killer? Terrorist? Nope. He rebuilt firearms for his own collection. That is his crime. Never used them to threaten anyone. Never sold even one. He kept them locked in a room. What he did, or did not do technically, was pay off pay the government to get permission to rebuild them, and doing anything without government permission is not allowed.
A Federal complaint charging Lancaster with having violated Title 26 U.S.C., Section 5861 (d) possession of a firearm not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, was filed on January 8, 2003 in the United States District Court by the United States Attorney's Office in Nashville. link

He did not register them, That's it, just the lack of permission and some paperwork in a folder is his crime.
Nashvillefiles has kept up on this from the beginning and is a friend of Mr. Lancaster. Drop by and see what the government does in the name of control.

KABA link
Confused over an accuracy issue and why this does not seem smart.

The Variable lethality enforcement (Vle) weapon, it is the new super duper awesome happy gun from Metal storm that fires lethal and non-lethal bullets might have a small problem. My understanding is that the shorter the barrel on a handgun the less accuracy you can achieve and there is less time for the bullet to catch the rifling. If I am wrong, please correct me. Now as the ammo is in the barrel the first several rounds will be fired from very close to the muzzle resulting in reduced accuracy. A barrel the length you would see on a derringer is not good.

Do you want police running around shooting with inaccurate firearms?

I also have issue with the lethal/non-lethal ammo. All they have to say is that in the heat of the moment they got the settings wrong and used full metal jacket instead of rubber. Oopsy!

The law-enforcement gun can tell the police station when an officer has drawn his weapon, where he is and how many rounds are fired.

"(It) can tell both the user and the bad guy what it's doing - it can say I'm on stun or I'm on lethal, and it can speak in different languages," Mr. Gillespie said.

"If (the officer is) in an incident, he can switch the audio on so that the people at the station or the squads on the way to back him up can hear what's going on."

This safety firearm seems unsafe, inaccurate, and badly thought out.

What I would like to see is a gun camera. With modern digital cameras running under a 100$ and as small as a zippo lighter we have entered an age of the perfect witness. Using an attachment, like for a paramag, connect a small digital camera that takes a shot just as you shoot. So no cop can say he had a gun, when he did not or the family makes charges of an innocent victim, when he had a butchers knife.

Now that would make a gun smart in my opinion.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Skeet niece

Just like the way "skeet niece" sounds
Well as I posted before my niece is on her high school trap team and enjoying the heck out of it.
This is her first regular shooting experience and some problems need fixing. She does not have her own shotgun so is using a family's friends spare. A nice Mossberg Maverick shotgun but it does not fit her the greatest. To put it simply it is a bit to long. By the time she gets a proper hold on it the stock is out of place on her shoulder. Anyone who has taken a pounding on their shoulder knows how bad it can be so something had to be done. One small stature female and one 12 gauge hammering her shoulder caused her a lot of pain. They were going to do what thousands have done through the ages and cut the stock down but they found it was hollow and would make it unusable. Luckily the firearm dealer her father deals with the most found a short stock online for 40$ used. No, not an auction site, a site that sells used gear. So this coming week, we hope, they will be changing the stock out and she can position it better.

At her first competition Robyn placed second in the novice class getting 65 out of 100 clays.
Congratulations to my niece on her first meet.
Francis J. Warin

Today Mr. Francis J. Warren was sentenced.
Most have never heard of him. Warin, who is of French descent, is an outspoken critic of American gun control laws. To show how dumb, and wrong they are he goes out and breaks them, over and over again.
Why does he do it? Why go out of the way to snub his nose at authority? Most would say he has no respect for authority, and with the laws we suffer under should he?
I think with all of the people who claim the title of 2nd amendment activist should look to him as an example. How far will letters and calls get us? We can now carry in so many states, after we grovel and get the governments permission and blessing. Victory? Pyrrhic at best.
I want to end this post with a quote from Mr. Warin.
When asked why he said. ‘I had to do what I had to do’ "

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Further Thoughts

In reference to my last post. Would the protestors acts be criminal in relation to the first amendment to the constitution?
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances"

Does the right to assemble peacefully reign superior to your rights of free speech? Also a first amendment protected right. Speech that can create a non-peaceful situation.
Well this is another fine mess I've gotten myself into.
A real quandary

One of the things that got me into blogging was presidential "Free Speech Zones". They, the secret service, like to create free speech zones well off of the planned travel routes and away from the cameras in the name of safety during the presidents visits to towns. All bull#@*# of course and the defenders of them are living in their own little world.

But here comes my conflict

I am LDS (also known as Mormon). Nothing shocking there, but it has put me into the position of thinking certain acts by the church, working with the city of Salt lake, are less then proper.

The problem is that on certain times of the year we have large general conferences in Salt Lake City. Thousands attend and many travel from across the country to visit during this time. With today's modern telecommunications most will sit back and watch it on cable & satellite, or watch it at their local church building.
This is not he issue. Protestors are. Not the nice "holding signs up" or "pamphlet people", but the offensive ones. The ones who dress up as the devil and scream foul language, the ones who mock you and your children as you enter temple square, and the one who take things that are sacred to me and use them improperly. I would like to say that they are the problem, but I really feel that they are a symptom of the problem. They do not go there in the name of evangelical work to show the perceived wrongs of the church, but instead wallow in an anger filled hatred more reminiscent of a Klan rally or lynching.

Well last conference two members lost their temper with a couple of these particular variety of protestor. Should they have? No. Turn the cheek and so on. They should have stayed above the level of street vermin.

Well the members got charged as they should have been. "Fighting words" are not protected by the constitution and while some have used the argument that they were justified to get physical, the whole issue of "turning the other cheek" is about responsibility. You have to because you believe in something better, and you because have a family and a responsibility to protect them, and trying to protect them while in jail does not work. But that is not the point here.

So what has happened is that someone threw out the idea of free speech zones. Areas where some can protest and yell all they want and let the others enter and leave in peace. This is where I am not at ease. I do not like free speech zones. The whole country is supposed to be a free speech zone. I feel they slipped on this one. The streets and sidewalks are public property so limiting free speech anywhere on them should be avoided at all cost.

So another conference is approaching and the limits will be enforced. Am I glad members can enter and leave the buildings in peace? Yes. Am I bothered by the method they are using to achieve this peace? Also yes.

So I feel that the free speech zones are an answer to the wrong question.

Personnel responsibility and ignoring the assholes is the answer, , but the zones are not the answer.

My wife does not agree with my position on this. She attended general conference about fifteen years ago and said that outside the walls of temple square was a horrible mess. Her words were "you almost had to be a linebacker to get through to Temple square". She feels this is less limiting their freedom to speak their views, and more as providing a limited control to allow access to the conference while still allowing almost full access of the surrounding area to protestors, preachers, and others.

I also need to take a moment to note something that really impressed me.

Not all groups in SLC protest like those mentioned earlier. One evangelical group has taken a stand for the peaceful freedom of access even when they do not agree with our views..

Standing Together Ministries, a group of Utah evangelical churches, planned to show support for Mormons attending the April 3-4 LDS Church conference by lining portions of North Temple with 300 people. Their aim: take up space to prevent anti-Mormon street preachers from using it. But Standing Together leaders said Wednesday that they didn't have enough time to plan the event.

Note: As stated earlier, my wife and I differ on this issue. She, who has gone and experienced them knows the disruption they can cause while I, who has never been to SLC, view it in another light. Experience and knowledge affect our points of view.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Public domain nirvana

Found a little bit of interesting information. Night of the Living Dead is now public domain, and available online here. Thanks to Boing Boing for the link to They have thousands of public, downloadable movies for anyone on every subject possible.
Smiley face nerf vests maybe?

In an effort not to "offend" maximum security prisoners they have forbidden guards from wearing stab proof vests. Well unless they are sending 80 year old nuns to maximum security prisons I think the residents are not nice people. So is a stab proof vest a good thing to have? I think so.
In a perfect world they would force the limp wristed metrosexual management to work in the prison for a bit to get a "feel" of why they are needed.
What next? Nerf batons? Maybe break away windows in each cell for their safety.
Why do we let idiots like this make the rules?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Good post by Publicola

Publicola took some time today and linked to the shooter's corner with a round up of some of its better posts. I have not read all of it and I want to say thanks, because I missed a lot of good material.
The Shooter's Carnival (link on right blog roll) is a group blog with the shooting sports in mind. Posts on rifle assembly, proper ammo, and range reports reside there, plus a lot more.
But Publicola linked to one post titled Assault weapon ban primer by Say Uncle worthy of rereading now that the AWB is about to sunset.
Sometimes pulling out old posts and dusting them off is worth it.
Control Part 2

This is a follow up to this article about the TSA "black list"
Well things are getting "better" in the worst way possible. The TSA has come out with an idea of a "Registered Travelers Program," Sort of the anti-black list.
They have gotten the idea of creating a list of good(read tame) people who they will not hassle, wand, probe, and grope whenever they want or need to fly. As my dad would say "mighty white of them".

According to Forbes Magazine, anyone who wants to participate must submit themselves to a deeper background check than usual so-called commercial checks, such as those performed by banks when you open a new account.
Once cleared, the traveler's information is coded into a "smart card," complete with biometrics; an iris scan or a thumb print.
Registered travelers would still have to go through metal detectors, but unless something sets off the equipment, the traveler would be exempted from electronic wand and other secondary searches that take place behind the initial screening area.
Eventually, says Forbes, a second queue could be erected for registered travelers; enrollment could cost less than $100 a year.

So they do all of the probing, groping, wanding, and pat downs in one giant lump sum. Then they measure you and pat you on the head like a good puppy who just learned to heal when ordered.
Looking up info on this I found this quote that pissed me off to no end. This is said by Admiral James Loy, Undersecretary of transportation for security.

"it will be a voluntary program where people who are willing to put themselves through a more scrutinized background investigation sort will gain "status"" end of page 7

Status.?!?! Letting yourself be tagged is slavery not status. So to travel without hassle requires an ID with way to much information on it? It seems they want to create a class of "house servants" who the masters treat nicely while the rest of us field hands are groped.

Well as I am pissed off and about to end I think it seems proper to quote Orwell here.
People who need a life

When I saw this article I was ready to read a humor piece and get a good laugh. About one paragraph in I realized that 1. They were serious, and 2. they needed to get a life, fast.
In the ongoing war to destroy everything fun, enjoyable, and childish a group of professors, that most likely have not smiled since childhood, have gone on the offensive against arch-fiend Homer Simpson.

A team of researchers from New Jersey's Rutgers University ploughed through 63 episodes of the hit cartoon show to analyse what sort of a health message it was sending out. Failing to see the joke, they were unimpressed.

Health message? I have never gone to a cartoon for a health message, even when I was a kid I thought the "healthy advice" schoolhouse rocks cartoons were dumb. Right now you have MTV flaunting flesh just short of soft core porn, you have sports that promotes violence and ignorance, and schools more interested in teaching that bobby has three daddies, four mammas and one in the midst of changing from mommy to daddy.

"Fats, sweets and alcohol, particularly beer, doughnuts and salty/fatty/snacks accounted for 52 per cent of all foods eaten in this programme," their report said. "Homer was also portrayed eating food more often (he alone accounted for 21 per cent of all actions showing food being eaten) and ate greater quantities than other characters."

Dooh!! They don't get it. He is a caricature of a bad father, a perpetual oaf, lazy, and rude. He is not supposed to be an example of "good life style choices".
So the health message I read in this article is that to much schooling rots your brain. I understand they want to help people, but they obviously are so disconnected from life they do not see the humor in their own actions.

You want bad health advice? Go to ACME catalog and order the Junior Explosive kit.. No child should be without one.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Dread Scott
Rosa Parks
Dudley Hiibel

Dudley Hiibel?? Who the heck is Dudley Hiibel you ask. Well he may be a name that will be attatched to a ruling soon from the supreme court that we all will know and study for years.
Dudley Hiibel is someone who said "why" to a cop when he demanded ID. Sounds pretty darn wimpy to end up in the supreme court but it could effect all of us.
Everyone who has children know the stress they can cause, everyone knows that sometimes you need to step back from an argument and take 10 to think. Dudley was in a truck with his daughter and they were having an argument about a boy he did not like. Now this is not a new thing in the world. Dads and daughters argue, the sun comes up in the morning, and governments spend too much. Facts of life.
Well after arguing and her hitting him on the shoulder he gets out and takes a smoke break. He steps away and lets things calm down. Sounds good and mature. I wish more parents could figure out that sometimes everyone, including adults, need "time-outs".
Well up rides "Badge-boy"( not worthy of being called a police officer ) and after initial greetings he demands ID. Dudley asks "why?". Simple question but it has a lot of depth to it. The issue is do we have to show ID whenever "the man" demands it?
Well Dudley asked "why" and BB did not like it at all. His reply is worded as such "Because I'm investigating".
Well give him blood samples, piss in a cup, and give him your ID people because BB is "investigating".
"Investigating what?" Dudley asked. Well since smoking a cigarette on the side of the road is no crime he had the right to ask.
Turns out someone saw him and his daughter arguing and thought it came to blows. So yes he was investigating something. But his retort to "investigating what" from Dudley shows a lack of anything but a first grade level of comebacks just short of "cause I said so"
He said...This is too good to miss people.
He said "I'm investigating an investigation". Well Gomer Pyle would have been impressed.
No Dudley is no saint. On the video he is a bit of an ass, but if that was illegal then a lot of politicians and Hollywood elites would be fleeing the country by tonight. The video also shows that he is upset and not happy the cop is there, but that is not reason to play BB to the max.
Well after his retort he then asked again and again. Well Dudley did not seem to be in a sheeple mood.(I do not like to use the word sheeple because it is abused and a bit of a cliche, but this badge boy seems to like sheeple so I have been forced to utilize it against my will..Sorry) Well with backup, who's sole duty seems to be keeping the daughter from getting out of the truck watched as Dudley was cuffed and thrown to the ground. Soon followed by his daughter who was upset by the treatment of her father.
Well what was the aftermath

The Aftermath
Dudley Hiibel was charged with Domestic Battery, Battery, Acts Which Constitute Domestic Violence, and Obstructing/Delaying A Peace Officer. As there was no battery or domestic violence involved, the only charge that was left was Delaying A Peace Officer. By refusing to show Deputy Lee Dove his ID, Dudley was fined $250.00 . He's appealing it all the way to the United States Supreme Court.
It is this very charge that is now coming before the U.S. Supreme Court on the 22nd of March. The question before the Court is this: Did Dudley's refusal to show ID give Deputy Dove the probable cause needed to arrest him? Or is it the Constitutional right of every American to just say 'no' when asked to produce 'the papers'?
Mimi Hiibel was hauled-off to juvenile detention and charged with resisting arrest. In court, her father asked the judge a simple question: what charge was Mimi arrested for resisting? The case was dismissed.

Now this seems rather a wimpy case, but a lot of "small" cases have evolved into some earth shaking changes. Who would have thought that sitting at a Woolworth's lunc counter, or sitting on the wrong bus seat would be important, but looking back we marvel at the effect they have today.
This case may be small, but when faced with a law officer do we have to jump whenever they snap their fingers? That's the belief the police seem to have. Well I hope the supreme court handles this right.

"SNAP!!" Yassa boss man!! Here's my ID boss man. Here's my travel permit boss man!!. I'm a good boy boss man"
Cold day in hell before I jump for them.

This page has videos in several formats if you want to watch what happens.
Bolt guns

If the guns are outlawed there will be no violent crime.
How many times have you heard that mantra repeated over and over again? The anti-gunners seem to feel that it is the ease of acquiring them that's the main cause of crime.
If, in a perfect anti-gun world, they do get all production stopped and a true gun free area created it still will not work. How do I know? Well simply look at the drug trade and the sex trade. Each outlawed and yet still so easy to get. So what will happen if they do get all of the evil guns taken from us?
In steps Yankee ingenuity.
The NYPD is warning cops to look out for an ingenious homemade gun that looks like a common bolt, but can fire a .22 caliber bullet, The Post has learned.

With simple tools and a market firearms will still be produced, promoted, and sold. The will be in every shape and size out there, they also will be so unsafe to use, but people will still buy them. Every garage machinist will become the next John Browning Jr.
So instead of solving a problem they have, by their work, created a market and even more criminals.
That's why gun-control to stop crime will never work.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Control, the whole issue is control

Who controls your freedom? Who controls the ability to move freely? Who controls your very ability to work?
Well according to the government they do, and if you do anything to upset them they LIST you.
With this small act they control your ability to move freely and have a life.

The right to travel is a part of the "liberty" of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment ... Freedom of movement across frontiers in either direction, and inside frontiers as well, was a part of our heritage. Travel abroad, like travel within the country, may be necessary for a livelihood. It may be as close to the heart of the individual as the choice of what he eats, or wears, or reads. Freedom of movement is basic in our scheme of values. "Our nation," wrote Chafee, "has thrived on the principle that, outside areas of plainly harmful conduct, every American is left to shape his own life as he thinks best, do what he pleases, go where he pleases."
-- Justice William O. Douglas, Kent v. Dulles (1958)

Can it get much easier to understand then this. Are they so busy shining their nice black boots that they do not understand the words "cannot be deprived"?
But you might say
"But maybe they have the right. It does say "without due process" in the ruling?"
that's the second problem, there is no due process.
"We have a list of about 1,000 people," said David Steigman, the TSA spokesman. The agency was created a year ago by Congress to handle transportation safety during the war on terror. "This list is composed of names that are provided to us by various government organizations like the FBI, CIA and INS We don't ask how they decide who to list. Each agency decides on its own who is a 'threat to aviation.'"

They decide, then you're screwed. That's the due process according to them. Now I understand errors might occur. But the due process idea is screwed again when you try to find out why.
"The agency has no guidelines to determine who gets on the list, Steigman says, and no procedures for getting off the list if someone is wrongfully on it. '"

"Q: What is the procedure for you to appeal?
A: There is none that I'm aware of.

So once again I read this and end up with a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.Somethingg that happens more and more everyday.
Thanks to Geekwitha45 for bringing this to my attention. I knew the TSA lists were bad but this list is just damn evil. Limiting your movements is one of the tactic the communist used to keep troublemakers in line and under control . Is that our future?

When the system becomes the enemy, who do you turn to for rescue?

note. The first link is a page with a lot of good information and links to sites that have done a lot of work in the area of right to travel.
Kerry. A modern fable?

I finally figured out who Kerry reminds me of.
As the Roman god, he is most well known for having two faces looking in each directions. This best describes his way of looking at things. He always sees your views and understands, but talks out of both sides of his mouth, two mouths in this case.
He is also the god of doorways and gates. Neither in or out, always on both sides.

He was usually depicted as Janus Geminus (twin Janus) or Bifrons, with two faces looking in opposite directions - one at the past and one at the future

Past- Vietnam
Future- concession speech

Kerry, a two faced parable.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Blogging the end of the world.

On an ezboard account for Apocalypse fiction magazine I found a fanfiction story written by a "Steve" worth bringing to your attention. It has the simple title of Diary and has been running since July 23 of last year. Calling this great would not be good enough of a description, so if you like reading fiction, drop by and dive right in.
In his words
The general idea of the series is if you were reading the diary of someone living in a post-apocalyptic world. I wanted a world that wasn't infested with zombies or giant scorpions or anything like that - Just a world devoid of people after a huge pandemic.

Although this is not a true blog, it is close to it. He posts once a day, everyday, and gives the story of what is happening and everything else that goes into a normal diary.
Nashville Files Blog is up and running.

Just want to introduce my few readers to the Nashville Files blog. It is the offspring of the Nashville Files. Nashville files has been around for a year or so and is doing for our area what The Drudge Report did for America. Well Blake M. Wylie has now expanded into the blog arena so drop by and give it a read and say howdy.
Head west young man.

In a move that will grind on the last nerve of gun-banners the city.. The enlightened city of Wichita has decided to sell confiscated firearms.
The Wichita city council votes to sell confiscated firearms, rather than destroy them. The council voted five-to-two to amend the city ordinance allowing them to sell firearms confiscated in municipal cases rather than destroy them.
In an average year, according to the Wichita police department, officers confiscate up to 1,000 weapons. A portion of those are from municipal cases. The weapons by city code are usually later destroyed.

Figuring 200$ per firearm that comes out to be about 200,000$ plus, even counting destroying firearms converted to full auto or sawed off shotguns.
Now I like this up to a point. Firearms taken from real criminals should be resold, but what of "paper" crimes. The ones involving permits and transportation. The BS laws that teach us to enjoy the nanny leash. I would be happier if they added a amendment that firearms taken during non-violent crimes could be returned.
There is a city code that says money generated from the sale of confiscated property goes to the Police Benefit Fund, not the city's General Fund. The council would have to change that ordinance to get the money from firearm sales.

This gives me pause. We have heard and read of the abuses brought about due to confiscation laws already. I will not go into the fact the war on drugs has failed horribly. I will even skip the fact that the confiscation laws, first used to fight the drug war, are now used in so many cases that drugs normally have nothing to do with the seizures. Some police gangs departments use them to finance a good part of their budgets. Some just destroy them as if they cause crime, not the criminal.
So am I happy that they have taken this step? Sort of. Am I worried this can lead to them grabbing more guns for larger budgets? Heck yes.
A real two edged sword on this issue.

Thanks to Nashville files blog for the article lead.
Lost firearm story

Most people who own firearms take care of them and take steps so they will not fall in the hands of people who should not have them. Criminals, dumb kids, or other assorted irresponsible individuals. I, and my wife, had a handgun stolen and did not know it for over a month. To this day I get pissed about it. I have no idea where it is and who might be using it for any number of criminal activities.

It started when I finally got my wife over her fear of the bang and it became time to get her a handgun of her own. Well my first instinct was to get her the grandfather of all good 22's, the Ruger Mk1 or Mk2. We normally shot at the range in Lenexa called The Bullet hole. It took several trips but we finally decided on a S&W 622. They were having a sale on it for $240 and it seemed like a good purchase at the time. Boy was I wrong. This P.O.S. never gave us anything but grief. Not one magazine went through it without a jam or two or three. We lubed it and cleaned it and never got it to perform properly. We were less the thrilled with S&W at the time.

Well when we purchased the handgun it came with two pieces of paper about the size of a postcard. They were for, one each, a cleaning and general maintenance of the handgun. Hell I figured it couldn't get any worse so we sent it off June 2nd. The UPS people at the office were helpful and we shipped it out with no trouble. Now this was the first time I have ever sent a handgun off to have work done so I had no idea the time needed or the backlog.

Forward in time to early July. I call S&W and ask when I should get it back, after all how long does it take to work over a handgun. The confused response was they got it on the 4th and shipped it back on the 5th.. In June!!!!

Well I was not a happy camper in any way, shape, or form. One was the fact that I was now short one firearm and second was that I had no idea who had the thing. Pissed would be a good word.

I called UPS and talked to probably the most uninformative person ever, rock stupid would be a good description . She said she could do nothing without a tracking number. Understandable I figured as they ship a lot of packages. So call number two to S&W in one day. With tracking number in hand I called UPS again and asked for information or an investigation. This person seems at least moss level smart when compared to the first. She pulled the info up and said it had been delivered. Nothing more, just "delivered".

In some rather firm but polite words I informed her that it never got to me and I want to know where it is, Now!!! She said the best she could do was start a tracking investigation. Great. The lichen moves, miracles happen!! Then she said I could not request it, S&W had to.

--grumble grumble "dumb UPS b****" grumble grumble--

Ok! So I called S&W again and asked for them to request an investigation on where my handgun is. Now it seems that things were moving.


A week later I got a call from S&W informing me that UPS would not start an investigation till I send a letter to S&W requesting an investigation so that they would send to UPS requesting it. So I jumped through the hoops like a trained seal and sent the letter off.

By now it is late July and I am upset beyond belief. I was worried less about where the handgun was but what it was doing.

So after another couple of weeks I get a call from UPS that to this day gets me mad. "Hello, this is "UPS moss level drone" calling about the package WE DELIVERED to your apartment on June 8th(not sure of the date)." Well after saying to her, with very controlled anger, that not a damn thing was DELIVERED to my apartment on any day, I asked who signed for it, if it was delivered.

Good question I figured.

Wrong again. She then gave me some information that to this day leaves me in bewilderment

She informed me there was no signature on record and the delivery person said they had dropped it by the door. Now in my many conversations with S&W they mentioned to me the package had printed in bold red type and inch high letters "ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED" on the front. Yep, good ol' UPS just dropped my handgun in the hallway of an apartment complex and walked away.

Well at this point I knew the chance of ever getting it back was just shot to hell. It is now August and I was just tired of the whole thing. Getting mad every time I talked to them just made me want to make the whole thing go away. Trying to reach through the phone and throttle them was also tiring, and sore on my fingers

Well it was insured so I figured UPS would cover it. After going and filing a police report, and explaining why it was missing for over two months before I reported it I got all the forms filled out. The police were polite and understanding about what happened.

The insurance would pay S&W to replace it with the same model or next equivalent model. Well this is the one good thing that came out of it. They model was on sale it seems because it was no longer being produced or something, but no more where to be had. So after looking through some catalogues at The Bullet Hole we chose the 22S model, priced at 360$ at the time so we came out 120 ahead.

Sweet is the only word for this one. Heavy barrel compared to the other one. Bigger grip but not too big that my wife liked. Adjustable sights unlike the other one and no jamming problem ruining the fun at the range.

So my wife is happy because the P.O.S. is replaced with a gem of a handgun. But to this day I get mad when I think of the Forrest Gump driver just dropping it in a hallway and walking away.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Hello to all Publicola readers.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look around. My blog is a dusty and cluttered place, but I like it.
I consider Publicola and The smallest minority the best blogs for dissecting an article or law and showing the stupidity we all have to resist.

Hell has frozen over. I think Kerry is correct on one issue.
spit! spit! spit!

The wall street journal really blew it on this one. The daily "best of the web" (scroll down to Kerry's deadly doctrine March15 ) made fun of him for his "law enforcement" doctrine of dealing with terrorism. It seems one of the known terrorists involved with the Madrid bombing was known to authorities in Spain. But during a crackdown he was not arrested because he was not implicated in any crime.

It was not clear Sunday whether the three had been under surveillance by Spain's elite counter-terrorism units, which aggressively monitor Islamic extremists. A high-ranking Spanish investigator said Zougam had not been arrested during the 2001 crackdown because he was not implicated in specific crimes.

The WSJ uses this to make fun of Kerry's belief that terrorism should be dealt with in a legal fashion. Well it seems the sledge hammer style of law enforcement Bush is using fits their likes more then the "due process" the constitution demands and protects.
I would assume the other way to deal with them is destruction of all civil rights and mass round ups. If they, the terrorists, desire to meet us openly in combat like the Taliban then send in the Marines. But if they act like criminal scum, then treat them as such.
So to the WSJ I say this. You blew this one guys.

The LAtimes article requires registration. Go here for passwords
The Morality of money

I just have gotten back from a church priesthood meeting and a subject came up that peaked my interest. An issue that directly effects my family.
The stake president had the usual announcements and church statements at the very beginning. One was on the movie "The passion of Christ". Mainly what he stated is that our church has always said you should avoid R rated movies but it was up to you to make the final choice. The other issue was the church's opinion on the Tennessee lottery scholorships. Now I really paid attention to this as I have some younger siblings who are applying for it, and due to the fact that my family is dirt poor, they will most likely get a significant portion of their tuitions funds from the fund.
I, up to this point, did not know there was a "issue" about it. To me a scholorship is a scholorship. Money is money. But some have brought fourth the issue that since it is based on "gambling money" that we should not take any. If we did, we would be supporting the legitamacy of the lottery.
But how far will you take your view. The regular school system gets some so will you pull your children out of public schools?
Well I felt like the odd person out. Yes there are people who abuse it and yes there are people who are addicted. The ones who do have troubles are, I believe, few in number. But nobody twisted your arm to buy the dang things, so if you lose you money, Good!! More for my brothers and sister to get for school. You could look at it as a donation to the college scholorship fund with the possibility of getting a reward for participating.
I have always felt slightly out of step with most religious people. Some people look for "issues" just to build a cause. I think a lot of people need to find a hobby.
So to me the scholorship issue is a non-issue. Money for higher education is money well spent.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone
Look real stupid and they write about it for the whole world to mock you.


Well the eco friendly city of ALISO VIEJO, California has joined the legion of stupidity.
In a move designed to protect its people, they were on the point of banning the usage of Foam cups because in the production process they used large amounts of dihydrogen monoxide. This colorless odorless liquid is the cause of so much suffering they knew they had to act.
Well they now are looking really dumb so have a laugh at their expense.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

My rules.

Never be rude to your server till after being fully served. If before being served the level of spit, butt hair, and other items in food will be higher then normal.
Use no "wixbang new gun designs" till on market for 50 years. Good gun designs have to work their way through a KB stage to become great designs.
Never take a new medicine till it has been on the market for 10 years. Watch the others drop before you.
Never ask a woman how pregnant she is till you see the "baby on board' t-shirt or she mentions her due date.
Before buying the newest CD of a group borrow your friends to see if the rest of the songs suck. to many one hit wonders out there.
When holding an infant you see its eyes get a strange funny look, hand it back to the parent fast. One of its ends is about to explode real soon.
The urbanlegend(last story) about the guy so drunk he let his blind friend drive instead. When you find out you are related, even by marriage, changing your blog name and fleeing the country is allowable.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Black and proud of it

I am a 39 year old black woman from Seattle named Drusilla who likes fine cooking and hiking. Well.. No not really. But the Alaskan daily news thinks so.
Tried to go to an article several days ago and registration was required.
I have no idea why it seems to be worse then normal lately but I finally got pissed off.
So if you want info I will give you info.
First I went to yahoo and set up an account. A sort of throwaway account. Thus Drusilla was born. Well now every time that I have to register to enter a paper site or another site that I feel it is none of their damn business who I am I become Drusilla.
Some do not bother me. One I hit regularly asks only for birth year and zip code and if I have a pecker. Not intrusive and glad to help them. But when they want all this other info I morph into Drusilla. Female Nubian goddess of Seattle.
Black and proud of it.

Try it people. Become the retired plumber from New York, become the vegan housewife in California, or even better become your neighbor. You know the one. He lives in the empty lot.
Have fun..

Well it seems like more and more people are unhappy and doing something about it. Here at "Bug me not" they have built a file sharing site for codes to read .
Thanks Mirabilis.

Well am I good or what? Don't answer.
several days ago I mentioned a need that the Australian seemed to miss.
But good news ahead. The are also planning on banning all sharp sticks and any pointy things for you own protection. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.

Well they did not act soon enough. The nanny failed this poor man.
Well soon the line "they will beat their pointy sticks into plow somethings" will resound throughout Australia.
Ban the pointy stakes!!!!! Think of the children.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Today we are all Spaniards *
I admit it.

When it comes down to it a lot of us have a distrust of Muslims. I admit it. I do. This is not a race issue, this is a cultural distrust.
Here we live in a country that offers you anything you want. A country that has tried to respect everyone's right to be themselves. But some see that freedom as a threat. I understand the difference between the Islamic culture and the Muslim religion. But they are tied together in this issue and separating them is mostly foolhardy.
I see our own Muslim soldiers being arrested for trying to contact terror groups, being arrested for attacking their own officers with grenades, I even hear the testimony of Muslims in the FBI celebrating 9/11. I see the transcripts of the Mosques here and other western countries and the vile they spill in their sermons. I see the same people on TV speaking of the "religion of peace" and yet their own words damn them. I hear of a university professor in Florida speak of destroying the Jews, and yet still claim to be peaceful.
Is it the culture or the religion? Is it part of each?
This fifth column scares me more then the terrorists. They can do more damage.
I judge people on their actions. The bombs and the dead are not the actions I judge them with. The action, or lack of action, is all of the "western" Muslims who are not helping us fight this evil. They speak pretty words of support while doing nothing. Lack of resistance, is a form of support people.
So I say action speaks louder then words, and you have fallen short in my eyes.

If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem.

Have I stepped over the line? In this PC world can a person say what he really feels deep down without being labeled evil. I consider myself a good person. So before getting the lynching party together look into yourself. I have distrust. I admit it.
What do you admit to having?
Teen violence

This is truly a epidemic sweeping across our country. This story about a teenager shooting incident just goes to show you how easy guns are to get. Something must be done
Now that you have looked at the article just think of this. The next time someone tell you about "youth violence" sweeping the country ask what he defines as "teen". This "warping" of numbers to suit any given issue is as troublesome as the issue itself in many ways.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Searching for love in all the wrong places.

I always wondered how blogs knew how people found them with certain words in search engines. People talked about sitemeter some but I never looked at them. No real interest at the time.
But boy howdy!!(Since I started this blog I have had the desire to use boy howdy somewhere and it fit here, thanks)

I found mine fun to look through. I finally got my first search engine hit and it was from google.
Yes. I was once the 4th rank for this murfreesboro+cows+ticket search, but not even in the top fifty today, just a short two weeks later.

Then I got my second hit. Yes I got Yahoo'd, and I liked it.
Someone looked up my site with "". Not sure why, but I'm happy. But I am still number one in that ranking..Ok I admit it, I am the only one in this search result.

Then the nasty MSN one happened.
Yes. I was the 10th rank for backroom facials... Now I am a lowly 16th.
You just rise and fall so fast in the smut world today.
Hugh Hefner one day, Hugh Grant the next.

Then I got googled again.
Some one was looking for "what does a Utah drivers license look like". Interesting is about the only thing I can think of.
I do rank 7th at the time of writing this.

I got this strange google today
Yep, Kung-kuan Elementary School, the school with the amazing fluoridated water wetland gave me a search return as the 12th on it.

I have since been google for other searches but all for my specific site, plus one more backroom mud facial....ick..
Well so far that has been the total of my search engine referrals.
I really am waiting in anticipation to see what the next one returns as.
Frozen brains?

What are they thinking in Alaska? Reading this story is like reading a science fiction book with an alternative world feel. In the great state of Alaska they want to bend the rules, hell beat them black and blue. They think that an this is a good way to be servant of the people.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Ralph Samuels, R-Anchorage, also allows other illegally obtained evidence to be used to impeach a defendant, meaning the prosecution can use it to suggest he lied during his testimony.

This is someone who really needs to reread his oath of office.
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Alaska, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties as . . . . . . . . to the best of my ability."
Now I am sure but I do not see "constitution of the United states, as long as it is comfortable for me."
The original bill has been amended three times, and anyone who just followed the Washington fiasco understands the politics of this.
HB0349 is now HB0349(JUD)am .

10 a statement illegally obtained in violation of the right to warnings
11 under Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966), may be used in
Right away I am not happy. If it is obtained illegally logic would say that it is ILLEGAL. But this rule is like a kid crossing his fingers. Fingers crossed so it's ok to lie.. Sorry but when a bill starts like this I am not happy.
12 (A) a prosecution for perjury if the statement is relevant to the
13 issue of guilt or innocence and if the prosecution shows that the statement was
14 otherwise voluntary and not coerced; or
15 (B) any prosecution, to impeach the defendant,
01 codefendant, or a former defendant in the case who made the statement if
02 the prosecution shows that the statement was
03 (i) otherwise voluntary and not coerced; and
04 (ii) recorded, if required by law, or has been
05 determined to be covered by one of the recognized exceptions to the
06 recording requirement; and

This seems rather broad in scope and all inclusive. Hell it seems to shoot the old Miranda ruling out of the water. Anything you say that was voluntary can be used. It says as long as you were not coerced it's all good. Well I am up in the air. I understand that almost everyone reading this can give a good recitation of the Miranda from TV and books. So pretty much everyone, besides Martha Stewart, knows not to say anything. So when you do I do not feel that sorry for you. Shutup and wait for a lawyer. Basic knowledge. So this seems on face value something that most people should know.
Then it gets worse.

07 (2) other evidence illegally obtained may be admitted in
08 (A) a prosecution for perjury if it is relevant to the issue of
09 guilt or innocence and if the prosecution shows that the evidence was not
10 obtained in substantial violation of rights of the defendant; or
11 (B) any criminal action, to impeach the defendant,
12 codefendant, or a former defendant in the case if the prosecution shows
13 that the evidence was not obtained in substantial violation of rights of the
14 defendant, codefendant, or a former defendant in the case, as appropriate.

OK, now they have gone over the edge, way over. "the evidence was not obtained in substantial violation of rights". Well thanks all to hell. Substantial. Their humanity humbles me. SUBSTANTIAL!!!!?
Reminds me of the old joke.
"You broke our leg? Wow! Did it hurt bad?
Well it didn't hurt good"

They have left this so open anything could walk through, as long as his legs hasn't been to broken.. Lets just say crawl through. That sounds better.
The (B) part is even worse. It says evidence "not obtained in violation of rights of the defendant, codefendant, or former defendant in the case.
So they could "work over" one of the accomplices and turn him on his boss, then let him back on the streets to be killed off.
This bill is so bad. I understand that the idiotlegislator wants to get people off the street who are criminals, but to become one defeats the system, and we become the animals

Ralph Samuels is the Republican from district 29.
Drop him a line and tell him he's an idiotic thug needing to pull this bill now.
fax: 907-465-3810
Unite behind Geekwitha45's plight

Yes this poor resident of New Jersey has suffered the agonies of having his newspaper stolen morning after morning by a neighbor. Was he warned? No! The negligence of the The Star-Ledger knows no bound. They are responsible for the deeds of the criminals of our society. Their lack of warnings to him is the main issue here. Simply leaving the papers on the doorstep like days of yore are not going to work. So let us all join in supporting him and his class action* with the state against this negligence.

*Payout split 10 million to state, 20 million to lawyers, and .25$ coupon to each subscriber.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

In history

1862 the nature of war changed. A single battle between two ships of war has echoed down through history and I forgot the anniversary.
This day in history the Monitor and the Merrimack met like two iron clad gladiators and fought to a draw.
Thanks to John of Argghhh! for posting about this.
Sin taxes?

Yes. The dear nanny'ites of Michigan have taken it upon themselves the hard job of thinking for you again. Without the enlightened nature of their goodness we would fall back into the evils of responsibility. That will not be allowed.

Lifestyle police won't be scouring the contents of your refrigerator or forcing you to do sit-ups, but state officials are looking at new taxes, laws and regulations to change your bad habits.
Armed with a new study linking Michigan's lethargic economy to residents' unhealthy lifestyles, officials are pondering ways to promote healthy behavior and penalize the unhealthy.

Now I agree to a point, after all bad health does cost money. But does it cost factories, mines, and shipping companies?

Smoking-related health problems cost $6 billion a year

This is the most lame one out there I feel. If you count the cost of emphysema, cancer and other attributes of this then that number is correct, within reason. But the cost that is associated with older people not occurring is not. The billions spent of alzheimer's patients, nursing homes, geriatric diseases. The horrible cost of not getting old is not figured in on most studies. Hell figure it that way and smoking is a net profit in the long run. So smoke up people
So they have some possible taxes and area they are looking at to stick their nose in help guide us with regulations

Officials also are looking at what other states have done to encourage healthy living.
A few examples:

California has banned junk food in vending machines on elementary and middle school campuses.

Some Arkansas schools are testing students' body mass indexes to track their growth.

Louisiana is offering stomach-stapling surgery to some state employees to see if it reduces health care costs.

But I want to be a nanny to people. I have some taxes I want to put fort

Thrust tax. How many babies are born out of wed lock and cost the social services so much, bad neonatal, Low income of single mothers. I say a tax on unsafe sex. A basic 10$ plus .02$ per thrust. Not sure how this will be implemented, but they will find a way.
Car lock lottery. To get people to utilize public transportation, one day out of the week your car will not start. The saving will be due to less pollution and more walking to bus stops. A true win/win tax. The cost of the random lock boxes will be your responsibility.
Weight lifting. Make all companies pay in coinage only. The increase in muscles and body tone carrying around 5-600$ in quarters would be great. It may also help precious metal companies who make and sell gold coins. Wow! Another win/win.

Heck lets all join in and help them up there. So if you have an idea for Madame Governor to guide her sheep citizens please contact her and help.

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE (517) 373-3400
FAX (517) 335-6863

Monday, March 08, 2004

My theory of Evolution
In life we have evolved into two species. One has ears for hearing. One has ears as handles to pull their head out of their ass rear when it is inserted there as the result of incredible stupidity. The struggle for our souls is to try not to evolve into the "handlers"
Blindingly obvious in its stupidity

In Victoria Australia they have decided to crack the nanny whip and take control, to protect the sheep subjects of course.

Police Minister Andre Haermeyer today said owners of swords, which are currently listed as controlled weapons, would have to hand them into police or sell them to a dealer under the new laws.

Not sell you notice, but "hand them in". (pat on the head for all the good sheep who follows instructions after the handover)
Now why? I did not know there was a large amount of street swording(?) in Australia. It must be horrible!!! A veritable butchers shop of chopping, dicing, and slicing.
I can see it now..Australian chainsaw-sword massacre, in 3D, staring Liam Neeson as the humble subject hiding from the American influenced sword gangs running amok while he police attend a sensitivity workshop designed to teach them to find their own metrosexuality to deal with all the violence..
So the article lists this "string of incidents" that occurred to bring this police action.
3 attacks. There might have been more but they only list 3. I'm kind of let down. I guess Neeson can go do another Star Wars instead of my film idea.
This reaction by the government is knee-jerk at best and totally deserving of contempt.
But good news ahead. The are also planning on banning all sharp sticks and any pointy things for you own protection. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!(No idea how to spell sheep talk...Wait! I do. Now where did I keep the Million mom march transcript. I know it has got to be around here somewhere.)
I am honestly not trying to write an modern epic when I post. Every post just seems larger then the one before. Help me.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

If not for the fools of this world I would have nothing to cuss at.

In an act of civil disobedience someone, to show their side of the debate, went and planted copys of the 10 commandments around a statue. A statue that has caused a certain amount of controversy and ill feeling due to its perceived sexual overtones.
What statue you ask?

Was it EROS: God of Love, Desire and Fertility. One of the most popular Gods of all time? Nope.

Hmmmm? Could it have been DIONYSUS: Greek God of Sex, Wine and Intoxication(But not necessarily in that order)? No.

Well if it's a really horrible statue it had to have been the statue of the Mayan BACKLUM-CHAAM, God of Male Sexuality and Masculine Horniness. Usually depicted with the relevant section of his anatomy standing to attention? I mean who would want to see that everyday on the way to work?
Nope again.

What we have is a statue dedicated to music. Titled musica ,with a lack of originality that is shocking. Musica is the product of Alan LeQuire.
But it's the reason why they, or him/her performed this act was because the statue is of NUDE people. Well as Nashville is truly the belt buckle of the Bible belt I am not to surprised that many have gotten their nickers in an uproar.
The small signs that had the ten commandments of them were from the American Rights Coalition in Chattanooga. This is one of the many groups filled with people who have a strong desire to live under a 10 commandment rules based system.
I cannot fault their passion or desires to act. All that nudity probably has them all hot and flustered. But with all of the fights you can fight this is stupid. A nude statue is the least of the issues facing the family today.
So I will have to give your actions my respect, but you're tilting at windmills. The family that people like this want to fight for is being lost in the home, not under the shadow of a several gigantic knockers jug's melons bobbies hooters breasts in Nashville
The Token Librul

Well I have been going to a local website called The Nashville files. A nice site devoted to local news and events. I have exchanged several emails with the person running it and really see a lot of promise in it. In the section for opinion columns, there is only two right now. One is a person who styles himself "The Token Librul". Going to his page I got a good laugh at his banner proclaiming, "Your dislike for what I say doesn't make me wrong" Dang I like this guy already.
His latest column, Feb 02, was up asking the simple question "Won't we have to turn Saddam loose now? On what grounds is he being held, by the way?"
I liked the question and thought I would answer one of them. The first part was simple. Bush needed a war and he made one. Afghanistan was not full of glorious photos of tanks, ships, and jets. Not enough life magazine style patriotic scenes for his poll numbers to increase. Seriously people, how often can you look at hills before getting mighty bored, fast?
So he pulled out the old show stopper of Iraq, always good for a few points. I never saw such a well-organized theatre show myself of what happened in this country. Everyday it was the same thing. WMD WMD WMD and rumors. Now as a country with our own WMD I thought that excuse was lame. I mean if we can have them for "fun and profit" then why not other countries? People who argue against Saddam from a moral viewpoint should understand that he had the same rights as we do to build a military with weapons of defense and offense.
Rumors of possible 9/11 connections also were mumbled in the halls of Washington. I for one think there were connections, but the Middle East is one of the most Machiavellian places I have ever seen. They make the CIA look like amateurs. Saudi Arabia is the crux of many problems. The official government stance is mostly pro-USA, but a good part of the royal family is Wahhabi and has supported Bin Laden and the Taliban, while the military is pro-whoever sells the best jets. They use politics better then the Germans in WW1 ever did.
So do I think we ever had a good reason to invade? No. Every step of the way he moved us closer and closer to war. At a certain point at the time I openly said that we could not "not" go to war now. We would look bad and it would destroy our foreign policy. Hell it would give every despot a "go sign" to do whatever they wanted. So we never had a good reason to go to war. The cult of personality about Bush that grew after 9/11 was as a go-getter, and he had to live up to it.

Thus war.

I did not answer his first question because he is right. Bush is a fool, but a righteous fool. He is also politically smart and I would say this is a dangerous combination. Idiot savant of the white house is the best image that comes to mind.
I was a registered republican during the Reagan years, during Clinton I was still republican in name only, I found that the republican ideal was considerably less then ideal. Could be that I was maturing with age or something. So I found myself reading more and more libertarian issue books, and agreeing with them. Well Bush did do one thing for me good, he got me off my ass and filling as an independent. The libertarian party still holds the best options for my views, but still have some issues that keep me from going all the way over to them. This last segment is to show where I am coming from in my viewpoints.

Now the second question was "On what grounds is he being held, by the way?" I'm not sure if I answered, or took the bait. This is what I wrote.

Lets say you're a cop who is raiding a person's house because the local informant said he bought drugs there and the person had more.
You have probable cause.
You find no drugs, but the explosives and kiddy porn can keep him in jail correct?
Well what we had said Saddam had WMD. A lot of other intel services said he did, and he thought he did from the orders he gave near the end. We cannot find any, but the death pits seem to be a good reason for holding him for crimes against humanity.

This sounded good to me. I try to avoid giant epic emails on the grounds that they serve no purpose. The bodies lying piled in pits should be enough to hold him. Damn good reason to me, and the families of the victims. I am not sure of one thing, is he implying that we should let him go and let the mob mentality of Iraq literally tears him apart, or is he saying we should let him go Aristede style? I am sure there are several other countries in he world that would take him in.
Well I got a reply from him. At first I noticed several things. One is the fact the guy sure likes to write. Nothing wrong with that, but damn, either call Nazi nazi fool or get off the pot.

He starts out with a good lead in. Simple question.

Searches--of homes or countries--are either legal,
or they're not.

Let's say you're a judge. A DA comes to you for a search warrant. Do you hand warrants out like candy, or do you want to know whether the "informant" is a paid snitch used to "inform" on people who don't pay off the cops? How many "anonymous tips" have been used to obtain bogus search warrants for fishing expeditions? Do you question the evicence and motives of the informant, the DA, and the cops, and protect the rights of the person to be searched since he is innocent until proven guilty, or are you a compassionate cancervative rethuglicon for whom any accusation proves guilt?

He has a point, but we did not get a warrant. We went and got a vote from our representatives. Guess what? They voted for this action. Although right now a few, hell most, are saying they were mislead and would have voted the other way if they knew certain facts. They're right. A lot of the intelligence was bad and reported bad. The raw data was there that said he was rebuilding, heck even Saddam thought he had them from the orders he gave near the end. So if he, as the dictator for life, thought he had them then how could we know that he did not? I understand the lack of a negative does not prove the positive, but that is the issue here.
Then John uses examples to illustrate a point. At first I thought he was rambling but he does get to the end in a round about sort of way.

Let's say you're sitting in your living room, minding your own business. You're making black powder-and-oatmeal hand grenades to use at an upcoming WWII reenactment. Your legal semi-automatic Browning M1919 is on the floor, waiting for you to screw the blank-firing adapter into the muzzle. You have cans of belted .30 caliber blanks for it sitting around. You also have old, surplus .30 caliber live ammo with corrosive primers that you bought cheap at Knob Creek, ammo you shoot at a friend's farm. You have several antique rifles, pistols, books about weapons and uniforms used by all sides in WWII. You have several war movies on video and DVD, including a few made in West Germany in the 1950s, for instance, The Bridge and Stalingrad, which tell stories from the wehrmacht's point of view. Hanging on the door is an original Luftwaffe dress uniform you bought at a local collector show as an investment.
A new neighbor you haven't met yet sees you bringing in the Browning "machine gun" and German uniform from your storage unit, panics and calls the cops in hysterics. They show up, arrest you, confiscate your "explosives," "corrosive ammunition," and "Nazi weapons and memorabilia."
Your uninformed neighbor accuses you of doing and having all sorts of illegal things. Reporters from all four local tv stations "report" the cache of weapons and ammo, explosives and "Nazi memorabilia."
When all is said and done, you spend money on a lawyer, don't get back the confiscated collectibles and weapons, and lose considerable face among your friends and co-workers, all because you did nothing whatsoever illegal; you just got accused of doing something illegal. You come home to find out the cops have blown up your "corrosive ammo," blanks and black powder cans, worth several hundreds of dollars.
You wouldn't sue anybody, would you?

Well he is correct for the most part I feel. Circumstantial evidence is the cause of many troubles for innocent people. The fact is that Bush played the role of the neighbor who has a desire to look good for the next neighborhood association election for block president is not overlooked as an issue. But his argument, I think, is that all of this is strange from the outside looking in, but when looked at later more closely they are just items, Items that were interpreted wrong. So a bit rambling but a point is put across.

But then he looses it. I feel he is saying that we were wrong to go to war, and I agree. But he is not debating the issues of why we still hold him, the issue I answered.

Let's say you're the president. A Saudi national has his followers attack New York and D. C. with hijacked airliners. Now, you can't go after the Saudis who supported the attack because you, your father and all your friends do lots of business with them, so you have your people make up a ton of lies blaming the country that didn't attack us and didn't have anything to do with the attack. You know you can get away with it because all the people who voted for you--and your father: (a) are fascists, (2) want to turn America into feudal Europe where a few own everything and the rest are to be glad they're serfs and not slaves, and (III) are fucking idiots who'll believe today is Wednesday if you say it, and then have Rusty Limpballs, Spawn Hannity, Anthrax Coultergeist, G. Hard-on Liddy, Rat Slobberson, FAUXNEWS and the entire vast, right-wing conspiracy repeat it over and over for the next few days. Then whenever people say something like, "Where's the proof?" you have your brownshirted minions call them all un-American and do their best to ruin their careers, all while proclaiming their own patriotism and love for the Constitution which they use daily as toilet paper.

Right here he looses it for me. I can understand the issues and have up to now understood and agreed with what he wrote. He had a good line of thought going then he falls into the emotional name-calling. I will admit a few of them are pretty clever. Rusty Limpballs is good but I have to give him two thumbs up on the Verry Feelwell one. I do kind of miss the days of super televangelists like Tilton with his constipated look every time he tried to "pull forth the spirit", heck he was better for a laugh than most comedies on TV, but I digress.
I think the issue we agree on is that Bush is a fool and, without using cute names, he is a dangerous fool. The comment on the constitution is valid. He plays with our rights and destroys them daily with the patriot act and all super databases being built.

But he falls back on the old fascist/brown shirt style of debating. I'm not sure if he knows Godwin's law but I will help him.

The Law is generally used on Usenet as an indicator of whether a
thread has gone on too long, who's playing fair and who's just slinging
mud, and who finally gets to "win" the discussion. It has, over time,
become the closest thing to an impartial moderator that Usenet can get.

So, what this means in practical terms:

o If someone brings up Nazis in general conversation when it
wasn't necessary or germane without it necessarily being an
insult, it's probably about time for the thread to end.
o If someone brings up Nazis in general conversation when it
was vaguely related but is basically being used as an insult,
the speaker can be considered to be flaming and not debating.
o If someone brings up Nazis in any conversation that has been
going on too long for one of the parties, it can be used as
a fair excuse to end the thread and declare victory for the
other side.

So in the first email from him he falls back on an old dogmatic debate style used by liberals from the beginning of time. NAZI!!!!! Yes, before you even say it, I will admit he did not use the word nazi, but he did a dance around it that was worthy of Clintons dance around the word "is". The brown shirts were the first militant arm of the Nazi party based on a freecorp established after WW1 by unemployed veterans for the most part, normally party aligned. They were mostly killed off by the next generation of Nazi soldier the SS. The nazi party is a fascist organization and even thought he name was National socialist party they were fascists.

Then he kind of weirds me out.

Let's say you're E** F****. You're simply not up to debating with a guy who's light years smarter and better educated that you are. You get a buddy to write your political opponent and straighten him out. You forward some emails for assistance. Unfortunately, your buddy uses some phrases he could only have gotten from you, reveailing the clumsy attempt at subterfuge.

I have no idea what the hell he is talking about here. Can someone fill me in? Who the heck is E* F*****? Subterfuge? I write an email to him and all of a sudden I am part of a giant conspiracy. This is also a fallback argument of Liberals. Just think Hillary and the great right-wing conspiracy out to get her. Well I am flustered. I have no idea how to defend myself from a charge of conspiracy. Heck I feel a little honored to be included in one. I wonder will I get a secret handshake or is it a nice laminated card (good for 10% off at all bookstore in the greater Nashville area).

John. I tried to answer your question about why we still have him. If we turned him over to the Iraqi people he would be lynched, so it is our responsibility to give him a fair trial for his crimes. Bush's trial will be occurring shortly.
If you drop everything else. The people fed feet first into industrial chippers, the rape squads, the death pits, the gasses Kurds, the oil for food money that he built his palaces with, the medicine he held back from his people and blamed us, and every other crime against humanity he still is a dictator. Not the warm fuzzy loved by Hollywood dictator like Castro or Arafat, No, he is the Pol pot, Idi Amin type of dictator who likes to fill death pits. So I think we have a good reason to hold him. He's evil. Rotten to the core type of evil. John seems to be the "we filed the paperwork wrong so release Dahmer/Gacy/etc back into the public because we are really sorry" type of person. I cannot be that type ever. I cannot, and will not excuse evil.

I emailed "The Token Librul" and asked him this.

Would you mind if I use your email reply in a post on my blog?

He replied

So E* did refer you to me to straighten me out. I thought so.
I'd like to visit your "blog" before opening myself to hatemail from vr-wc brownshirts who want to turn America into feudal Europe. And I do appreciate your asking first. Send link and I'll check it out.

And again I replied to him

I think you have me confused with someone else

His reply is stranger then truth

No, E* F***** forwarded to you my email hyperbolizing his being accused by his neighbors of having explosives, drugs and kiddie porn, all of which you referenced in your original email to me. I'm not stupid.
If you think there's any point to it, go ahead and use my response to your original email. But wait a minute before you post it. I've slightly revised it since I wrote it early this morning and didn't re-write it at all. I'll send the second draft for you to use.

Well I did use his slightly updated email, just some small changes and layout only.
I still have no idea who E* F***** is.

To damn lazy

I'm a solid firearms enthusiast. I can't afford to be a proper gun nut, but I can hope. The news is filled with a solid effort to ...