Saturday, February 28, 2004

We're right because G-d is on our side
How many times have I seen this mentality used in arguments and debates in my life. It is one of the most base beliefs, and the most incorrect. I remember an episode of Third rock from the Sun when Tommy goes out for the basketball team and on his first game they huddle around and they pray. He gets all confused because the coach says they are preying for victory. His question is who is the other team praying to gets the confusing reply "our G-d". "So G-d loves us more?". Well only trouble results.

This is the irritation of groups like UFIRE. They have a cause and they have a desire to act, but then they choose the lowest form of effect and cause argument . No. I did not mean cause and effect. The effect they want is the Matricula ID card not to be recognized by the state of Utah, be-"cause" G-d says so. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a set of doctrine called "Articles of Faith", number 12 is We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. Now this is where it gets interesting.
Recently some of the group, being Utah most are likely Mormon, or Mormon related, started to use the 12th article of faith as a tool to push the bill. The argument, from what I infer, is that since they are here illegely they must be bad people and should be sent home and this bill will help.
The group UFIRE is arguing for House Bill 109 in the Utah house that says the state will not recognize the Matricula ID card as they are not true ID's The UFIRE website gives out some interesting information on them but no references where they found this data.

NO valid ID is required to obtain a Matricula Card!
The Matricula Card is so unreliable as identification that the National Government of Mexico itself does not accept it for identification purposes. It is useless in Mexico! There are 32 states in Mexico, and 22 of those states refuse to accept it as identification. This should be the end of the discussion but it is not.
Not a single bank in Mexico will accept this card to open an account!
The card is designed for the purpose of being abused by an illegal immigrant. It is a form of "stealth amnesty". When a person has what appears to be a valid ID, they quickly melt into the fabric of society. This is why so many want it, and why Mexico is pushing our government to use it. Prior to September 11th, the Mexican Government was asking President Bush for amnesty for the illegal immigrants in this country. (This is particularly galling.) Their effort was not being received well, so they, the Mexican Government, began to issue these cards as a way to enable their citizens to disappear into our society.

Well on the surface I have to say this ID is bogus. I would even go so far as to say they have a good position with relevant information.
But. There is always a but in a good post.
With this being an issue with a lot of passion in it they went too far and pulled the church in. The church, like most other religions has the duty to try to help in life with moral issues and spiritual issues. All nice and straight forward. But why would a church get involved in issues that have no impact on your soul or salvation. They normally would not. But the acts of UFIRE pulled the church in and they had to get involved by issuing a statement.
They did not take one side or the other but stated that they are neutral.

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wishes to make it clear that it has at no time taken a position on HB 109. It is not true that the Church is supporting this bill.
The Church is investigating complaints that Utahns For Immigration Reform are citing Church teachings as apparent justification for their political purposes.
The Church repeats its oft-stated caution to members that they should never infer that the Church endorses their personal political positions."

Now why am I upset, besides being a Mormon, I hate lowlifes, even good Mormons, that use G-d as a tool to beat you over the head. I don't care if it is saving whales or an old building. You say to me "G-d would want this" is the most likely thing to get me to say "G-d wants me to knee you hard in the groin"
I have not thought heavy on the subject of the ID's and probably will not for a bit.
Leave G-d out of the politics and I will respect you.
Beware! Your car now works for The Man.
Yes Toyota, one of the larger car producers has come out with a concept car.
Now why would this make me upset. Because the car has become an extension of the system ( The word system is not used as a good term here ). I did not like the idea that the onstar system could be used just like a listening device, without you even knowing. But this car is even farther into the realm of Big Brother. This is the worse of the computer world and the car industry.
Wireless technology would allow the car to communicate with the speed camera, and the fine could be deducted from the driver's credit card before he or she even made it home. But would anyone buy such a car?
No. No I would not. I would go back to horse and cart before I would own or use a car like this.
The idea is that you have a card and it is needed before you even could use the vehicle seems ok of face value, but the card is not just a go-no go card, but an identification source. The relation to a universal ID card has not escaped me and yet this seem farther then that. Without it you are not able to travel if this is your only car because you need to insert it so the car knows you and will allow you to drive. But it also serves as an agent of the government, keeping an eye on you and not letting things get out of hand. How can it do this.
The smart card would not only open the doors for an authorized driver, but also set an individual's driving position, favourite radio stations and phone numbers.
Depending on the driver's experience and grade of licence, the card could control the engine power. And each driver's licence number could be displayed on the car's exterior instead of a number- plate.

The idea that to use the car you need to be "tagged" seems just short of branding so the farmers can keep an eye on you.
But its telematics systems are no trivial matter, according to the project manager, Paul Beranger.
"Telematics are going to be a part of our future, whether we like it or not," he said.

I agree. The technology has a lot of uses, but the controlling factor is what worries me. To decide how fast you go and snitch, yes snitch, to the speed cameras seems way out of line.
This is still a concept car and like all ideas they need to see what the consumer wants. I do not see how anyone would want this. This is also an Australian article so take it with a grain of salt.
My one fear in life is loss of human freedom to the system. This is a step towards that end.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Head over to Castle Argghhh!
He takes a good look at the numbers people like to throw out on the subject of firearms. I would put more faith in his interpretation on the numbers then anyone on TV.
Re: Must not let wife see this

Too Late!
Deep thoughts by Joyce Brothers
Our most illustrious Joyce Brothers has graced us with her view of firearms. Well let us call her view the "limp-penis"(LP) argument of psychology.
DEAR DR. BROTHERS: My husband and I live in a gated community that could hardly be safer. This choice of a place to live was mine, incidentally, not his. We both work at jobs in a nearby city, and we're not threatened in any unusual way. Our offices are pleasant and in good areas. What I'm trying to figure out is why my husband needs so many guns. He's an old Army guy, but none of his friends seems to have this particular fascination with guns, so I don't think that explains it. I bring this up now because he told me recently that he found two more he's going to buy from yet another gun dealer. They're not cheap, and we could use that money to clean up some of our bills. -- E.C.

DEAR E.C.: Gun ownership is extremely important to some people, and often they're not aware of why. To most, the gun means added power, something that erases all feelings of inferiority, weakness, vulnerability and impotence. It's not irrelevant that guns, in themselves, are so frequently linked to sexuality and the male sex organ. Think of the many slang terms common to both sex and guns, and the relationship becomes obvious. Guns have been accurately called "the great equalizer."
Yes you heard it here first. Your limp and short. Her view just makes me proud of our nations psychologists.(Sarcasm on)

Here I go

To most, the gun means added power, something that erases all feelings of inferiority, weakness, vulnerability and impotence.
Right!! My 8mm mauser is a lot more powerful the my .22lr. She must know ballistics from all the rolls she had in Diagnosis Murder, Space ghost, and Alf. But what she is doing is falling back on the old LP defense on why people like, enjoy, and want to own firearms. It is an indefensible argument.
Inferiority and weakness. Since everyone here is either above or below the average then you have feelings of inferiority or superiority, weakness or strength. One person in the country is the "base case. So no matter what your defined as, that's your "mental issue". Impotence..Well I have a nice 8X10 glossy that would prove otherwise but my wife has hidden it so I cannot post it today.
Old, but sad..The defense not her....Ok her.

It's not irrelevant that guns, in themselves, are so frequently linked to sexuality and the male sex organ.
Wow! I have no idea what she is talking about. Mine is linked to my shoulder when I fire. No wonder she hates firearms, for her it would be a very painful experience. She need to contact Kim du Toit or one of the other volunteers to help her at the range.

Think of the many slang terms common to both sex and guns, and the relationship becomes obvious
Ok here goes people . I stand on the BALLS of my feet when at the firing line, I do LUBE IT regularly, for ladies a PROPER GRIP when holding the handgun INCREASES SHOOTING PLEASURE and the finally,I do SHOOT OFF a lot of ammo.(Note to self, do not let wife read this)

Guns have been accurately called "the great equalizer."
I agree! nuff said.

Whenever I hear a head doctor talk about firearms they always seem to fall back on the same LP argument that she put forth. All very vague an hard to argue against.
I would post the infamous Freud quote all 2nd amendment activists should know but I have found a better one, just because of her over analyzing the question This is also attributed from Freud.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Thanks to Keepandbeararms for the article link

Thursday, February 26, 2004


My two cents worth...

Libertarianism is someone who believes the doctrine of free will, unconstrained by external agencies.

But can the libertarian ideals survive in a modern electronic society, specifically the internet.

Many libertarians look upon the internet as the new frontier of freedom, with no limits on how big you can become, or how small you can remain. The sites devoted to keeping this freedom alive on the net keep growing daily everything from PGP, to the newest form of the Free State project. All idealistic in nature but they work, I feel, on a misguided premise of man.

For every libertarian working for freedom, there are hundreds working for greed. Not profit, profit is the byproduct of work. Greed is covetousness; they want your money and labor.

The libertarian viewpoint sees only good results from expressions of free speech when it is unconstrained on the net; the reality is the net has given new grounds for the libertines of the world to work in. Now they slide into every nook and cranny of the net. Old addresses are reborn new as the latest porn sites hawking sex, pain, and a view of women just short of breeding cattle. The color blind nature of the web is rebuilt one site at a time to expose everyone to the color hatred of one groups over another.

The libertarian sees the internet as a means of free flow of thought and communication without the restraint of government censorship. The many encryption programs show a desire to talk and think freely of the state, the reality is speech is free when you can find it. For every address you have you might have abandoned two due to spam floods. The filters you utilize and the ones utilized buy your ISP seems to be more like the band playing on the Titanic, It looks good and feels good, but you are still going down sooner or later. The ideal of libertarians is respect for others, the desire of spammers is to sell, and screw the consequences. They laugh at the new anti-spam laws. The freedom one side respects and desires gives the other side the ability to register in one country, domain in another, have a business address in a third and pay a spammer in a fourth country to spam you from a fifth. How do you fight his actions? While his freedom is what you desire, his deeds cause you to loose addresses and business. His freedom is your curse,

The ability to gather information and build coalitions of people with like minds and wants is offset by the government's, and others, desire to see and know everything you do. When so many software companies bend over backwards to help tweak their programs so the government can see everything you send, how free are you to speak? When the sites you go to "tag" your computer like a branded steer so they can follow you and study your movements to improve their own site, how free are you? When programs are built so they can control what you copy or burn, how free are your actions.

Has the internet's freedom become its own enslavement? Is the freedom of the internet for all of us as much a blessing as a curse? Freedom without personal constraint is anarchy, lawless and disorder.

While as we speak many are moving in a slow wave to New Hampshire to build a Free State. Does the history and experience of the web show the need for limited control of mans nature? Without the repressive nature of government will we be able to find a benevolent version to live under. The internet might not have been the best place for libertarian ideals to play out, but they have and the lessons from this "freedom" will need to be learned. The free nature of man, for many, is selfish. Libertarians' hopes for better in this world we live in, well we had one and the results are less then great.

I want to believe in the ideals of libertarianism, but the experiences of life, and the nature of man shows me otherwise. Many confuse libertarians with anarchists. They differ in so many ways. I find myself walking on the edge between the desire to have freedom for all, and the knowledge most would have no idea what to do with it besides take advantage of it.

I can only watch the ship go down slowly. Did we blow it? I have myself more questions then answers. Can the libertarian ideal survive the internet?
I could post a lot of geekwitha45 is doing a good job. His link is on the right. Drop by and get a blow by blow.
The debate is going on right now and can be seen on your computer here on C-Span2
On a pile of bodies
That is the vision that I have when Kennedy D-Mass talks about the evils of cop killer armor piercing bullets. He drags dead bodies out in a metaphorical sense and on the bodies he challenges you to refute him.
He says when challenged that his desire to stop the flood of cop killer ammo is only due to his humanity and feeling for the families of the police.
His outrage that someone would believe that this bill would ban most ammo is shocking. After all the ban is only against "bad evil" bullets.
Who decides what's bad. Well the attorney General. A political peon whose whole job depends on the good graces of the party in control.
Now I have faith in one thing. Political appointments to office will make political choices.
Kennedy you foaming at the mouth madman. You should be ashamed for using cops like that.

"Act, don't study act". What an idiot.
The other option is still bad, to make the usage of armor piercing against cops an extra crime. But since they are criminals one more charge against them will not divert them from any path.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Rep Kendrick Meek D-Florida
"we are fighting terrorism there so we won't have to fight them I don't understand that.."
Well we now know who the idiot of the day is. He is a young guy and is an example of evolution. You ask why evolution. Because he is the example of why ears were developed. So he would have good handles to pull his head out of his a$$ when inserted past the safety point.

Thanks to Geekwitha45 for the C-Span streaming link. Now I can hear the stupidity right from their own mouths.
Well over at castle Argghhh! he is in the middle of taking a fun jab at the Armed forces of the world, ours included. The gem he has today redefines homemade mud facials. Scroll down and enjoy his other posts.
This man is a pusher of gun pr0n and should be kept away from any underage gun safes.
An Idea for activism
A lot of people send out "urgent" messages to call Washington "right now" and calling them is a good idea.
A lot of us who are less financially set in life worry about bills, including the phone bill and the long distance charges being racked up on it.
Well due to the growth of our country, people travelling, area codes getting smaller and smaller a lot of cell phone companies have changed the way they do long distance charges.
They dropped them.
My wife and I had Nextel and the service sucked was less then good so with the new number mobility we went to T-mobile. The first time I tried to call my wife I had to dial 1, area code plus the number. Well I called T-mobile and asked why my wifes cell phone was now long distance. They informed me that because of society changing they now use the full 11 digits for all calls and do not have a seperate long distance charge. They have one number(like 800 anytime minutes) for use anyway you please.
So if you feel you need to call the politicians in Washington a lot I would recommend a company that uses the full 11 digit number, thus allowing you to cuss them out without the stress of bills.
I do not know if T-mobile is the only one so I would look around and ask, but I feel less stressed calling them now.

NOTE: I have no links because I'm not recommending any individual company.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Celebration people.
In the account I opened for this blog I finally received in the inbox my first spam letter..
I feel so proud.
It is the same Nigerian spam that only people very gullible or living under a rock would fall for. But I am still happy.
Bring out the fatted calf.

There seems to be a lot here in middle Tennessee being driven around.
Update on COW TICKET story
Seems the deputies had a good reason to ticket the cow.
People driving cows dangerously is a big issue here in middle Tennessee.
This accident is brought to you by another bull driver it seems
Authorities said the driver was trying to avoid a bull in the road and lost control of the truck.
It does not tell if the bull driver was on a cell phone or drunk but I will keep you up to date on middle Tennessee bovine traffic issues right here.
Immunity bill information.
Say Uncle has a good round up of many of todays post from around the blog world.
His update to the post says the NRA has put the word out that they should support the bill and fight any amendments to it.
While that is nice why did they wait till the 11 o'clock hour in this fight to take a firm stand on this issue. Will this be a simple attampt to say "we tried" when the big battle has already been lost.
I am not impressed.
Where do you go when the self proclaimed leaders betrays you?
I hope this story is wrong. I hope the rumors and emails flashing across the internet lead to naught.
But deep down inside I know the deal is done.
There is a point in every persons life that helps them make choices. A path is chosen, and most of the time it is chosen for them. I will admit that while I looked at the NRA as a faulty organization I always thought deap down that there could be hope to work with them. They are a prime example of Fuddites*, they seem always to reek with the smell of tammany hall deals Well if the word zipping around the net is even 50% right they have had the privilage of shafting us good this time.
Publicola is leading the charge against the NRA, his nemesis, and it looks bad for them, but worse for us.
While I could argue the extreme stupidity of the AWB and the gunshow background checks it has been done and battle lines drawn.
According to Geekwitha45 the old bill S.659 has been dropped and a new bill S.1805 has taken its place. How this newly worded bill will change things is still up in the air.
I have made my calls but I want to say this.
I honestly do not thnk the calls will make any waves. The politicians have already sold us out and the NRA is pimping them big time.
But I will keep making the calls.

*One day the Fuddites will arise & find that since the anti gun crowd has banned everything else, they will turn their attention on the Fuddites most prized possession: his hunting shotgun (or rifle). But by then the Fuddites will be the only one left having arms. & their calls for help will be unanswered as those bitter "gun nuts" recall to them how they helped ban this gun or that gun. Ironically if left to his own devices the Fuddite, who would sacrifice everything crucial to everyone else, would end up losing the thing most crucial to him: his hunting shotgun (or rifle).

Call the NRA field representatives here and tell them what you think
My local government in action
I write this with the sad knowledge that I live in a county with clowns deputies of limited mental ability.
The local sheriff's department said they thought the cows were asleep.
This is the group that I am supposed to turn to for protection? I need to go and buy a lot more ammo fast.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Prepare for the shaft people
The AWB will rise from the grave, and soon.
In a coalition of the "Unwilling to think" between Democrats and liberal Republicans they have come up with the perfect plan.
Coming up soon for a vote is a bill. The bill is a simple immunity bill saying that if company A makes a firearms and sells it they are not responsible for the actions of the new owner.
White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said. "On immunity, he doesn't believe manufacturers of a legal product should be held liable for the illegal use of that product."
Sounds good right? Who would blame Ford for drunk driving. Well Democrats would.
Well in a backroom deal worthy of tammany hall, they have decided to place a poison pill amendment onto this bill. The AWB (Assault weapon ban) is going to expire in september and some are afraid. Not of violence, something worse. Truth. The cdc said the gun control laws were not effecting gun crime, what they fear is the house of cards built on fear and the unknown coming down.
They have said openly they will attatch the new AWB to the immunity bill to get it passed.
they know they do not have the votes to stop the immunity bill or get the AWB renewed. So they are performing the ultimate of a political game play.
The bill will either pass, and firearms will still be banned, or the bill fails and the companies are punished for the actions of criminals.
Well as we are all being punished today in a collective nature for the crimes of scum, I think the bill will pass, and the AWB will be renewed.
I have faith, the faith is "never put faith in a politician".
The whirrrrring noise you hear in the background is our fore fathers spinning in their graves.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Good day at the range
My neice goes to Smyrna Tennesse high school and is on the trap shooting team.
Well my wife and I went with her today and it was a fun time for all. Just east of Murfreesboro Tennessee is Big Springs Clay Target Sports. It is in between some low rolling hills and could not be in a more serene setting. We parked the truck right by the trap area and watched her and her team practice for an hour.
She is shooting with a borrowed Maverick Mossberg and loves it. She is having some grip issues because she is small statured and the stock needs to be cut about 1 1/2 inches.
Not counting the shotgun problem it really warms the cockles of my heart to see her connect with firearms safely. She is only a so-so shot right now, mainly because she has gone out practicing woth them just for the last month, but she is already improving a lot. But what I like that is she is enjoying the heck out of it.
I wish the people who only see firearms as a means of violence could have been there today. I know they would not see what I saw there, but I can hope.
I understand the basic protective desire to keep firearms from children, but would you rather have children who know nothing about them or educated children.

I will admit I did see one thing that bothered me. One kid, after he fired, would place the barrel end on his shoe to load the next round in. Well the future "stumpy" needs to stop that before he is a stumpy. I plan to have my neice bring it up with the coach. Outside of that little particular I had a fun day.
This needs to be read by everyone.

Ignore and evade The State’s mandates as much as possible. Defy and disregard abundant, unjust laws. Rely on the principles of non-aggression, individual respect and common sense to guide your interactions with others. Look towards actions and decisions that empower you as an individual rather than ones that further tighten the chains of State dependency. By all means, carry a weapon. It is your body and life. Ultimately, you are responsible for defending both. Solve problems by going directly to the source. Avoid State-controlled arbitration. If The State itself is the source of the problem, find alternative solutions that bypass its ever-growing tentacles of power. Government is a worthy opponent but never a match for a crafty, creative mind producing decentralized solutions.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

When I first read his letter I was impressed. It is well written, to the point, and non threatening.
Wrong answer according to the local police and the SFPD.
Well some seemed to agree with with the police reaction. After all the letter did say he might just show up with an evil black rifle and other concealed firearms so maybe they did react(or would it be act because he had not done the act for them to react to yet?) properly. I almost agreed with some of them.
But one line brought out by Publicola changed my view.
"The SFPD "public relations" person indicated that he couldn't answer any questions about the case since it was an "ongoing investigation."
I think that is the most important line. After they did the basic "is he a possible Hinckley nut?" investigation they should shut the "case" and go to the next issue.
So, to me, this shows an over reaction to his letter.

In my last post I said a certain politician in New Hampshire should be slapped around. I hope that is the pizza I ordered at the door.
I did not bring it up here because others have covered attempts to get vermont carry in depth and better then I could. But I am shocked.
A vermont carry style bill in New Hampshire has passed the senate, with a 13-10 vote, and I honestly did not think it would. They still have the house to pass so wish them luck.
Vermont carry is less a law allowing you to carry without kissing the proper government ass, but the lack of a law forbidding the act. Yet Vermont has not developed into the shooting gallery many wish it would.
Vermont is not the only state to have Vermont carry. In 2003 Alaska passed a Vermont wannabe style bill. Why a wannabe? Because they did not decriminalize it. The law simply "allows it". What they allow, in their benevolence, can be taken away, The bill is only two pages long and adds and changes a few lines of type. A bill passed once can be pulled just as easy.
Well in the last week Vermont carry bills were in many legislative bodies and all died or vanished into the committee black hole.
While happy about this small step I do have a strong desire to go find this person and slap him around a little.
Nashua Democrat Joseph Foster said getting a license is a reasonable regulation that doesn't prevent anyone from carrying a weapon.
IDIOT!!!! No license, no carry. Thus it is not reasonable. License is another word for control. Statements like this is the reason I started this blog. I got tired of yelling at the TV/Computer and scaring my wife. I now know why Elvis shot his TV several times.

So good luck New Hampshire. I do hope the law decriminalizes concealed carry more then the other option of the government giving blanket permission to carry as long as you behave yourself..

The main article link under WOW has a poll going. I like polls but with the internets ability to direct a lot of people to one site fast they are the most unscientific out there. But they are a way to get a message out to the public.
The question is:
A bill passed by the state Senate would allow legal gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Do you agree with the bill?
I'm not sure

Well as of this post the numbers run
62% Yes(2409)
36% No(1395)
2% I'm not sure(85)

Now all we have to do is get the politicians to look at the right polls.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Southerners only please.
For anyone who has driven through the south the thought of the trip may bring many images to mind. The rolling hills of Tennessee, the green mountains of the Smokeys, and the storm swept beaches of the coast.
But for me one image stands out. One represents a sign post that you're home. A simple painted barn along the highway with an ever familier phrase painted on the roof.
"see rock city"
They are all over the place. They seem to be as common as houses, and yet part of the landscape.
I was in my 20's before I ever saw rock city yet I could point the direction on the highway to go since I was darn near a toddler. Head south.
Well today I read an article that told of a man passing. I honestly never knew who he was. Who cares who paints a barn? Right? But why do I feel like a small part of what is the south is gone?
CHATTANOOGA (AP) -- Clark Byers, who painted "See Rock City" on barns in 19 states, has died at 89.
I could go into a rant about the damn federal government screwing with them and ruining something good and nostalgic.
"No new barns have been painted since the federal Highway Beautification Act of 1965, which barred the ads along main roads."
but not this time.
The next time I pass one I'll have to tip my hat and pause for a second.

Goodnight Mr. Byers
This is a developing story worth following.
Civil disobedience - Deliberate, open, and peaceful violation of particular laws, decrees, regulations, military or police orders, or other governmental directives. The command may be disobeyed because it is seen as itself illegitimate or immoral, or because it is a symbol of other policies which are opposed. Civil disobedience may be practiced by individuals, groups, or masses of people.
Well as simple as it sounds this is one complex issue. What seperates civil disobedience from outright criminal activity. I feel it is profit. Crime is for self gratification or profit of goods, civil disobedience is about sacrifice.
sacrifice - the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc.
Well what if you write a letter to the government saying you might perform an act of civil disobedience.
You have shown progressive thinking and tolerance for that which the majority condemns. So I was thinking of coming up to San Francisco and exercising my right to keep and bear arms, maybe showing up at City Hall with a state-banned AR-15 and a couple 30-round magazines, and also carrying several pistols concealed without a permit.
Yes, I know, it will be a violation of California laws, but you've shown that you're willing to disregard those when it serves your goals. And because I am a peaceable citizen, I should easily meet Judge Warren's criterion that no immediate damage would be done by allowing this.

Well it seems in California (I have a small problem doing the old "Peoples' Republic of California" or "Kalifornia" name play because it seems a little cute, so I will call it what it is. A sad example for an American state) what happens is calls from the police and black and white cars at your house. Well the story seems peaceful for the most part but the implied threat of police action against him seems a little harsh.
I first read the letter yesterday and thought it was well written. The level of sarcasm in it was what is needed whenever talking to a politician in oblivion about the people he controls.
Drop by and give it a read.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Well after my "Fat" rant I find this on Samizdata and thought you might like to read it.

Here is a story of fiction really worth reading. The sad thing is that the fiction of yesterday seems more and more to be the reality of today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A poll with a point.
On the GOPUSA site for Alaska they have a poll up right now. A simple one asking one question "Should Concealed Carry be:". You have the choice of 5 answers.
Nation-wide for all law-abiding citizens
Nation-wide for retired peace officers only
Up to each state to set regulations
Universal Vermont style for all

Well as I write this 903 have answers and the numbers run like this:
53% Nation-wide for all law-abiding citizens
00%Nation-wide for retired peace officers only
01%Up to each state to set regulations
44%Universal Vermont style for all

So far it looks good to most but I question one thing. Does 53% of the people live in another country?
What group declares what is legal and what is illegal. The same politicians who have attempted to declare most scarey firearms illegal already. There is no way someone who lives in one of the peoples' republics(California, New Jersey, Illinois, or Maryland) could take that position. Why? Because they are have already been found guilty of a collective crime and are being punished as we speak. They know that if the politicians are given the right to control, they use the right to screw us out of our rights take away.
Right now they change the definition on who can and who cannot have a firearm according to a whime but mainly what would look good in the press.
So for me the only correct answer is the one where the power to choose rests in our hands, not the politicians.
It has to be Universal Vermont carry.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Re: Her very first time
Her very first time
(titled just to get you to read this)
I knew my wife was not into guns when I married her. I thought i could slowly introduce her to them and hopefully she would be less fearful of them. Well slow is the right word. 15 Years and still working at it. I first took her shooting in the same setting I first learned how to shoot. Near the old dump in Morgantown Kentucky. Well the look of fear as I even showed them to her soon lead to an interest in them, slight, but it was a start. Not counting shooting a shotgun one time at girls camp as a kid, this would be her first shots taken. I thought the best rifle to start her on would be my first, a Remington single shot .22lr.
Boy she sucked at it was really bad at it. I was so busy looking to see where the bullets struck near the tin can I did not notice one thing. The fact she totally shut her eyes before pulling the trigger. Ok, I admit, this was a big problem. At first I thought she was worried about powder burns or something, then I figured it out. She feared the BANG!!!!!. I cannot tell you how much ammo was wasted, if that is possible, before she would relax and try to aim. Well after several times at the range and time at the dump she was able to get the shut eye effect down to the first three or four rounds. Then she started to get better. (An easy way to get her mad is pop a ballon near her, then run for your life)
Well she now can handle shooting my S&W 65, for a short time,loaded with .38 specials a bit. But deap down I have come to the conclusion that she will always be a .22lr person at heart.
There are things I have learned taking my wife to the range. Never never let her order the ammo at the store. I went up to the counter at The bullet hole in Overland park Kansas with her and said I wanted a couple of 50 round boxes of cheap .22lr for plinking. My wife, G-d love her soul, pipes in "I want the copper coated ones". Wow!! She is getting into this I thought, just then she dashed my spirits onto the rocks. "The leads ones leave my fingers all icky with brown gunk". Yes she said icky and gunk in front of other people. Well with a very badly concealed snigger the dealer got her two boxes of gunkless icky free ammo.
I never let her order now. Never.
Weight (FAT).
To me it is a big issue(pun intended), because I have way to much, and I want a lot less.
I can see a lot of reasons. Genetics: being 6'2" and a biker dad of 6'7" called Tiny leads me to believe a lot of genetics are involved. Mobility: I did a lot of walking then injured myself and got sedentary for awhile and started on a big downhill slide. Eating: Wife and I had meals together till for three years she was on days and I nights, this does not lead to good eating, mostly fastfood and takeout.
So I see a lot of issues involved.
What is not involved is evil predatory resturants.
Responsibility is the main issues. I was never forced to eat out, never forced to super biggy size it, and never forced to get the extra sugar-coated apple thingy. Honest!
But it is fashionable to blame others, and they show this in the form of lawsuits. Normally this involves the other having a lot of money. I have never seen or heard of a lawsuit involving a poor hotdog stand seller giving someone a coronary. But in this age of a nanny state mentality it is easier to say someone else did it to me then doing what's right.
This article has a good section.

In his opinion in the McDonald’s case, Judge Robert W. Sweet suggested that the McDonald’s suit could “spawn thousands of similar ‘McLawsuits’ against restaurants.” Recent books with titles like Fat Land and Fast Food Nation promote the view that fast food firms are harming our health and turning us into a people who are forced to shop in the “big and tall” section of the clothing stores. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that “big and tall” has become a $6 billion business in menswear, “representing more than a 10 percent share of the total men’s market.

I disagree with one part. I think fast food is bad for you, when thats all you eat. It is fatty, sugary, and high in everything else. But it is part, define as not the whole, of a balance diet.
So whenever I hear the government somewhere trying to protect us from the evils of fastfood I twitch a little and control the desire to scream.

And yet, despite the popularity of such firms as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Subway — at which American consumers voluntarily spend over $100 billion annually — it has become fashionable to denounce these restaurants for a variety of sins: “They make people fat.” “They hypnotize the kids.” “They bribe the kids with toys.” “They destroy our taste for more sophisticated foods.” These condemnations often come from highbrow observers who claim that fast food customers are too ignorant or too blinded to understand what they are putting in their own mouths. The onslaught of criticism is not limited to the food. Animal rights activists condemn fast food outlets for animal cruelty. Environmentalists allege that fast food produces too much “McLitter.” Orthodox organic food fans accuse fast food firms of using genetically modified ingredients, which they call “frankenfoods.” In Europe, anti-globalization protestors allege that fast food homogenizes culture and spreads capitalism far and wide.

Lets look at this in sections
“They make people fat.”
No, abuse of them make you fat, such as abuse of alcohol makes you an....wait.....come on... alcoholic....I knew you would figure that one out all by your self.
“They hypnotize the kids.”
How? This is the ultimate cop-out. sort of like this.
"I had no control, I was forced to(INSERT YOUR CHOICE)
1 smoke because of that darn Joe camel
2 drink because of that darn Spud Mackenzie
3 eat taco's because of that darn chihuahua.
4 attack that women because of the evil bunny head
5 etc. etc. etc.
“They bribe the kids with toys.”
No. Parents do. How many people have heard others say "If you act nice at church/school/the mall I will get you a happy meal with a toy". I sure know I have. The bribe is on the parents side.

So if you are fat, minus some hormone issues or something else extreme, the only one you have an issue with is yourself.
I know I do.

Thanks to Overlawyered for giving me a good reason to rant.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Build it and they will come
and seize it.

People seek to find enlightenment in all the wrong places. They seek it on a mountain, in a temple, looking at a sand garden, or have it delivered by UPS in the form of the crystal, pyramid, or fung sui item that is the latest fad. I was lucky in many ways. I started to find enlightenment before I had even gotten to the first grade.

For a child there are many things that define reality. One is home, another is entertainment, and another is food. The need to consume it and enjoy it. Why do you think the most lovable photos of you as a child is when you are covered in food and holding the peanut butter/jam/chocolate syrup container. The next would be the bowl on the head, but I digress.

For me in the early 70's, before fiber and health defined and destroyed breakfast, I partook in a daily sacramental-like experience called cereal. Cereal is not just stuff in a bowl covered with milk. Oh no. Cereal is an art form for a child. It is important to get each step right, and enjoy it all. It was a truly fulfilling moment in my day.

For me it went like this. You start with the bowl. Mine was always an old plastic butter bowl. When mom finished the butter or spread in it, it became household dishware. But for me it was "The cereal bowl" Next to the bowl was the glass for milk. This was the cheap thin glass with tacky green artwork on it that you got for a fill up at the local gas station. Much of our glassware was that. Look at it wrong and it would break, so the number in the house never really grew to a large number. The only alternative to the gas station glass was the jam jar. Built to last, these stayed with us for a while. The thick ridge running around the top for the lid gave it structure that kept it from breaking long after the gas station glass gave way, always events defined by mom yelling "don't walk in here" whenever the sound of breaking glass occurred.

In the center of the table were three items. One was another butter bowl. This one with a well-defined duty. It carried sugar, but not any sugar, no no. It carried sugar mixed with cinnamon. Next to it was a butter bowl. The only one on the table that carried in it the item it was made for. Yes BUTTER. Now the toast that was buttered from this bowl would be held over the sugar-cinnamon bowl. In an act that was rushed for one reason. You never ever let the toast absorb all the butter before you spoon the mixture onto it...That way you could double or even triple the sugar mix that stuck to the bread. Bread had this horrible knack of absorbing the butter and leaving little to capture the mix of sugar thus leaving you with only a light dusting instead of a putty like coating to crunch through when you ate it. This was cinnamon toast. Only two were allowed (you might be able to sneak a third) but it was good.

Now cereal back then was fiberless, sugar coated, and bad for you in every way possible. So of course our bodies craved it like an addict in withdrawal. Cereal came in many types but the ones with color I liked the best.

So I would then fill up the bowl. To the rim it went. Now also on the table was a sugar bowl, unmixed with anything but pure sugar goodness. This I pull to me and commence to spoon in spoon after spoon. A good amount was always proper. Too much and mom got onto you. Too little and it would be only so so. This was followed by the milk.

This process occurred two times. Three if mom was in a good mood. And each time a little more sugar was added with milk, till after the last bowl you had the offering.

The milk in the bowl has changed. Now it was more then the parts, the milk, the sugar, and the remnants of the cereal coloring it. This colored milk had achieved something that no factory could reproduce. Under the surface was the sugar laying like mud in the bottom of the bowl waiting to be stirred up to deliver itself to you. At this point you took your spoon and stirred briskly to break the sugar up and spread it evenly through the milk. It would not do to drink the milk and end up with much of the sugar lying on in the bottom of the bowl, lost, uneaten. Then you bring the bowl up to your face and drink it down. The sugar so thick you feel it flow over your tongue like sand and stick to the walls of your mouth for a time later. This sacrament of youth. A perfect way to start your day refreshed.

But one day my cereal gave me an insight into the world that I did not like. It stays in the back of my head and whispers to me every once in a while.

My dad had company over and they had stayed the night. So the table was more crowded then normal. But breakfast still occurred as it always would. When the bowls of cereal were done. I swished it around and raised it to my face and was about to drink from it when my dad said, "don't do that, it’s not polite". I remember wondering what the heck he was talking about. This little thing I had done for all my youth. What changed? Why was it wrong that day? He then said the words that, for me taught me a large lesson; "we have company". I then realized what he meant. When people are around you have to act differently. I sat there and as instructed emptied the bowl out one small spoonful at a time, somehow it tasted wrong and I knew I did not like it.

I did not understand all of what happened there that day. It took a while to figure it out. To understand the enlightenment that occurred. Why must we act differently around other? Show people who we are. People are so fast to say "judge me as I am" but then they will not show the world what they are.

So I try in my life to show people me, to be honest and when I show caring, it means I care, and when I drink from the bowl at my house, I drink because that is me

This is something I wrote last year and Grounchy Old Cripple in Atlanta posted it on his website for me then.
The feed back from it at the time was a real boost.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Another shot across the bow by the Loose Cannon Libertarian.
Garry Reed has put out his twice-monthly e-column and, like always, I was not disappointed with it.
You may not always agree with him, but he sure the heck will make you think.
His old articles are also worth taking the time to read.
Laying next to my wife this morning the following conversation occured.

ME: Honey are you cold?
HER: No.
ME: You sure?
HER: Yes!
ME: positive?
-small 30 second pause-
HER: honey do you have a blanket? I'm chilly

Men die younger not because of health reasons but to escape!!!
Building information:
Well I am rebuilding it a little out of irritation. I seem not to have any working permalinks. I thought "Hey! start over." Well reset the template. Had sitemeter install itself, and the darn permalinks still are not working.
So I have no idea. There has been no messing with the codes in the templates on my end so either sitemeter messed it up, something I doubt, or blogspot may be messing up.
Well I will try and see what I can do tomorrow.
I give up for tonight.

Went in again and reset it and before I had sitemeter install itself I tried to use a permalink. Zip, Nadda, and a big fat nothing.
I have no idea why my links are not working.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Geekly Guest Post

Testing...Gunner's invited me over to help him sort some things out....
I do not plan to post much on the election
But this continual issue has irritated me to no end
Kerry started his career as a protestor, fighting for his beliefs. This period in his life helped build character for his political life.
Nice, but bull.
Protestors fought against the war, then retired to their houses and jobs knowing they enjoyed all the rights of our country. They burned their draft cards, knowing time in jail would involve no torture or loss of life. They gave speeches, knowing they would not be shot for their anti-government views.
A very safe protest.
Before you even go there I understand cops pulled out the clubs and Reagan loved the tear gas. But for all the violent reaction of the government, they never experianced true horror.
This is an experiance in life, but it makes him no more or less then anyone.
His "acts" were safe, his deeds symbolic.
This protest against the machines of the system defines character.
I was lead to his story written by Terry Bisson by mirabilis, a wonderful blogger dealing with history and anthropology, and thought I would pass it on. A story that can be read every so often, and still be as good as it was the first read are hard to find, this is one of them

"They're made out of meat."


"Meat. They're made out of meat."


"There's no doubt about it. We picked up several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, and probed them all the way through. They're completely meat."

Well all is not well in Mudville.
Went to a friends house to check out my site and they have AOL. Took forever on dial-up to load and then did not load correctly. Tried three times with the same result. The screen is there, and so is everything else. The problem is the type was at best 1/16th inch high. Everything was in proportion, just small as heck. Well I then tried looking at it using Explorer on the same computer. The page would load and then a pop-up would appear that page was unavailable then give me a 404 error.
Well I hope it is their computer as I have added a few items and changed the size on one type but nothing else. It looks good on mine.
So if it looks like crud on your screen please tell me.
Haloscan installation
Attempt one:
"why is there all this space. yuck!
delete delete delete
Attempt two:
"Arrrgghhh!!!!" My links are all gone.
delete delete delete
Attempt three:
Fingers crossed. Looks good. Test Post.
YES!!!! It works, I am good...
Wednesday I started the blog.
Thursday I found how to edit and add links.
Friday, after much cursing, I added sitemeter.
Saturday I will add Haloscan comments, also after much cursing.
Sunday is the day I try to get a few select raving people to join me.

Friday, February 13, 2004

My first exposure to blogs was by accident. I was looking for information on a certain handgun. Well the google search turned up very darn little information on what I was looking for but it gave me one link of interest. "Gratuitus Gun Pics". WTF is that? Well after spending at least the next hour reading his archives I noticed a list on the otherside called blogs. Well that list was my first introduction into the world of blogs, thus he gets first place on my daily blogs and has never dropped from that position.
Thanks Kim.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Burn baby, burn
All is not well in the fair countryside of Great Britain. I will admit a bit of American bias when it comes to my view of Great Britain. The lack of anger at even the right to self defense being taken away in the name of civil right for the criminals is my main irritation.
Well some, it seems, have taken it upon themselve the title of resister. Great Britain has the highest rate of CCC(Close circuit cameras), and their bastard offspring speed cameras, in the world. 10% of the total reside in their country.
Well the number seems to change, and the government is not very happy. It seems people alone, and in groups, have taken the matter in hand and decided to fight back.
Is this the tip of an iceberg that may signal a growing unhappiness with their lot. Damn I hope so.

But this is not in Great Britain alone
Here is the Netherlands they also have people fighting the system, and the use of the internet to spread the word of their deeds is well organized.
I will learn how to post better soon. Honest.
Gimme! Gimee! Gimme!
One of the issues being raised in our country is reparations. Something "owed" to you for crimes, real or imaginary, that has been commited against you forefathers. This original sin that we, as a society, are born with can be stripped away, we can be absolved of it for only a few measly shekels.
Well sorry but life is not fair.
But how is it that one group, the African-American, black, negro, or whatever is considered socially correct today, gained total control over it?
My family comes from the mines of Kentucky. The main road to the Crescent Coal Company mine in Muhlenberg Kentucky is named after my family. Our family bible has us going back 8 generations working the mines, and dying in them. Our family was paid in script and forced to buy from the company store.
I want my cut of reperations. Gimme! gimme! gimme!
The leader of this movement Randall Robinson has left the country in a huff. He has moved and I feel no real loss about it. I now feel sorry for St. Kitts
Be you Irish, Italian, African, or other. Know one thing. Everyone has had family and ethnic groups taken advantage of.
No handout will change it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Words fail me on this. With all the crud, and Jackson flesh, on TV the nanny government has decided that we, the easily lead astray townfolk, needs protection from the worlds evils. On the front of every TV is the ultimate power of censorship, the on/off switch, and we are the only ones who should control it.

Under the ADA rulings anyone with a hearing problem would likely have a good case for discrimination. By limiting their access to all shows the panel is leaving itself open to legal action.
Welcome to my world. It's dusty and cluttered, but I like it.

To damn lazy

I'm a solid firearms enthusiast. I can't afford to be a proper gun nut, but I can hope. The news is filled with a solid effort to ...