Thursday, May 03, 2018

Politics today

You cannot just disagree with your opposition, the term "honorable opposition" is no longer in the American lexicon, you must find them physically repugnant. That is so damn sad.

There's a local countywide free newspaper that is the type you find in grocery store lobbies and other places. It is basically right wing and very religious based. Very right wing might be a better term. I'm glad they are there to espouse their views. One of the many constitutional protected freedoms we enjoy.

Into this serene scene comes a local activist that does not like them and works to get stores NOT to put them out for people to read. I'm iffy on that desire, but just a hint. By doing this the person is trying to keep others from reading it. That is a form of censorship in a manner. I would disagree with them, but they are not trying to close them down, get their website removed, or anything else. So I am not overly bothered...much.

Now the anti-paper group and the paper supporters have their own facebook pages. I went and joined both to see what they are saying. A silent observer you might say.

I had gone by there a few times, and had done no posts or anything to get on other peoples bad side. I just wanted to read their opinions.

A local TV station did a followup on the issue so I decided to drop by and see what they are saying. I went to the anti-paper group, and it was mostly a few over dramatic individuals, but no beehive of anti-American values. Cool.

I went to the other group and....found I had been kicked out. WTF! I was confused, so I messaged the moderator and they replied. Their reply was puzzling. He said, in so many words, that since I was a member of the other group, they did not want me to be a member on theirs.

I replied and said I mainly wanted to get an informed view on things and had not even commented on either. No go. He said I was banned and they would not change their mind. They took their ball, they took their bat, and said they did not want me on their team.

In so many ways this is a microcosm of what is wrong with politics today. I cannot be social liberal and a gun supporter. They either call me a 'libtard' or a 'shill', I cannot hold conservative views on border control, and support gay marriage. I am called a hate filled person that wants poor refugees to die in the California desert or a 'rethuglican".

The idea that a good chunk of Americans have some liberal ideas on issues and conservative beliefs on other is something that the hard core believers simply cannot wrap their heads around. You have to be all right or all left, no in-between.

for those with that "for us or against us" view....bite me!

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