Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hurting thanks to Uncle Sam

Getting older in life means things don't work as well.

Things that used to not hurt, now get hurt or ache regularly. My back for one. Not strong, and prone to getting sore if I am out long. Add to that the stiffness of the muscles and sometimes the shooting pain.

Now there are pills to help. I normally survive on over the counter acetaminophen. I got a big bottle of it, but I get worried. I know that it is not good for the liver. To much, and if I am having a bad day I push right up to the allowed limit, and you could screw your liver good. On those bad days I used to take a Tylenol 3. My last bottle of 30 lasted 2 years. It is just an extra strength pill plus a hint of codeine. I also would take some Cyclobenzaprine as a muscle relaxent if I got spasms.. The last bottle of it lasted so long the label faded. I think three years.

I get frustrated that doctors cannot do the right thing. The last time I asked for a script the doc acted like I was a pill seeker and talked about how if it was that bad I would maybe look into a pain management program. WTF. I simply needed them to assist when I was past OTC, without the need to go to a clinic, pay extra money, or schedule a doctors appointment for days down the line, when my back would have become better.

I am pissed because the terror of the war on drugs means people like me go in pain because of the legal threat to doctors, or abuse of pills by others.

I just get tired of the government doing things that cause you and me pain for no good reason. Of course with this being Tennessee it will be one of the last states dragged into personal use weed...screaming all the way about poor children and addicts and shit.

So today my back hurts and the otc aceta is working fine, but if it is bad....well I'm just fucked aren't I?

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