Saturday, May 05, 2018

A book as a symbol.

I dislike the term 'agenda'. It is often used to dismiss people with little evidence. "Don't listen to him, he has an agenda". Everyone has an agenda. It's called life, likes, desires, etc. People do things for a reason.

I say that so you will not misunderstand me when I say schools suck when it comes to literature. They teach it, but they really have fallen in the classics. So often teachers teach books to uplift the student, to try to make them better. They want the kids to overcome their base stereo types. They want them to see the great wild world we live in is beautiful and full of so many people...each different in their own way. That certain views of freedom that our country was founded upon should be held precious and not dismissed due to the fallibility of the founding fathers of our country.

Note I did not say 'liberal agenda' or 'fight wing agenda', just that a failing has worked its way into the system.

So often the great books like Robin Hood, The War of the World, Romeo and Juliette, and others are being pushed aside to make room for these other books, and the country is slightly worse off for it.

Do kids know that the title of the TV series "Band of Brothers" comes from Shakespeare? Do they know that the many movies of Alien Tripods, the latest starring Tom Cruise, are based upon a classic of literature?

Something has gone astray in the education system. Sadly the ones in power, and the ones that desire the power, are so entrenched that there is no real chance of moving backyards to re-find the great books and uplift the minds of our youth.

We're screwed. Each generation is screwed just a hint more than the one before.

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