Monday, August 28, 2006

You don't say?

I had to reread a section of this article a few times before I could even start to get a grasp of it. It's not a complex article or involves higher math or anything like that. What I had to do was go and drink massive ammounts of liquer to kill enough brain cells to understand a certain government mindset.
A Madison County grand jury declined to issue any charges Thursday against a 36-year-old Collinsville man who fatally shot another man during a gunfight.

The grand jury heard testimony from witnesses and was given the option of charging the survivor with first-degree murder and second-degree murder. A prosecutor said the grand jury determined the survivor, who was shot three times before returning fire, acted in self-defense.
Now call me simple. Call me a mindless gun nut. What I can say, with all honesty, is that if I have just been shot THREE times then I am almost assuredly protecting myself by shooting the man doing me harm.

Now logic aside I can understand why it did go to the grandjury. Illinois does not have, and with the state government they have likely never will, have a stand your ground law. Illinois demands you run like a child and beg the government to do what you should be able to do. That is to kill someone trying to kill you.

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