Monday, August 07, 2006

Thanks gov

In this age of higher fuel prices, and a growing desire for alternative fuels, the government is doing what it is best at. Getting in the way.

A grassroots type of guy is rebuilding vehicles to use alternative fuels. All illegal of course.
According to John Millett, spokesman for the EPA, "No motor vehicles have been certified by the EPA to operate on vegetable oil," and neither has it certified conversion kits. Millett adds that the Clean Air Act prohibits converting a motor vehicle to operate on any fuel other than the one the manufacturer used to obtain its EPA emissions certificate. Violations can bring fines of $2,750 for individuals and $32,500 for manufacturers or dealers. Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel that has passed the EPA's testing standards that study emission components and their health effects, allowing it to be a registered, and therefore legal, fuel.

Friedman is working on a way to add diesel to the converted car tanks to, in effect, create a legal, but dirtier, fuel. Devotees of the vegetable oil concept continue to navigate in a legal gray area. On online forums, including Lovecraft's, owners of converted cars discuss emissions, road taxes, oil rancidity, lubricity, flash points, biodegradability, particulates and hydrocarbons. They debate how and if they should pay fuel taxes, register to haul waste oil, and locate the correct tax forms.

"We are doing everything we can to do it legally. That's why we chose to do it really high profile," Friedman said. To him, it boils down to a simple choice: toxic petroleum or safer alternatives. Vegetable oil fuel may not be perfect, but according to Friedman, it's close
Regulations have strangled this country slowly to the pride of the government.

I've been talking with my brother about alternative fuels and possibly a still. Now I read this and find that I could become an arch criminal if I do it.

Can we start hanging the bastards people?
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