Monday, August 28, 2006

Shocked beyond words

Stupid lawsuits amaze me, and this one, from Overlawyered, goes just a little beyond.
A Broadmoor man who said he rescued more than 200 residents after commandeering a boat during the flood after Hurricane Katrina is being sued by the boat's owner for taking it 'without receiving permission.'" Mark Morice cut the unattended boat loose and managed to hot-wire it, then used it to rescue an elderly dialysis patient and many others; he then left the vessel for other rescuers' use. "The lawsuit contends that boat owner John M. Lyons Jr. suffered his own distress, in the form of 'grief, mental anguish, embarrassment and suffering ... due to the removal of the boat,' as well as its replacement costs."
I can almost, just almost, see the replacement part. The rest is simply sad. Maybe the fact that the rescuer is a lawyer, with possibly deep pockets, may be a factor.

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