Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arresting the troll

Deb Frisch has become well known as a grande-troll. So trollish that she lost her job due to her own desires to cause troubles.

It seems her activities went beyond trolling and into the realm of criminal activities.
The saga of Deborah Frisch, long-time comment troll and all-around kook, took another troubling, but not exactly unforeseeable turn in the last 48 hours. As far as we know, she is now the first troll of the political blogosphere to face criminal charges relating to such activity. On August 21 she was arraigned in an Oregon courtroom on charges of stalking and telephone harassment (PDF). The docket can be found at the link preceding, but is captured below for your viewing pleasure:
It seems she may be more, or less, of a troll then some think. Her life seems a cycle of selfdestructive activities.
Instead, her online behavior became even more erratic: Posting fake suicide notes, angering colleagues on an academic listserv, claiming to pursue legal action against Goldstein, Ace of Spades HQ and Matthew Heidt of Blackfive. And most strangely, attacking the folks at lefty satire blog Sadly, No!, well known for its disdain of Goldstein, and which had previously belittled the Frisch controversy. More recently she has gone so far as to heckle Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden (whom she has claimed an interest in working for) and, apparently, now managed to stalk and harass former colleagues in Oregon.
Some bring up the idea that she may have a drinking problem, and some say the cycle indicates a manic-depressive problem. I'm not sure if they are right, or just wild ass guesses. I have followed her story for a while as it was an extreme case. Now I simply feel sorry for her.

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