Friday, May 12, 2006


About 6 months ago my mom called me bitching about this AOL email she got. "I started to fill it out but they want way too damn much information" in so many words was her complaint. I instantly knew she had gotten a phishing email and asked if she had submitted the form. As she said no I then spent the next 30 minutes explaining to my techno'tarded mom what phishing was.

I read an article today that simply amazed me. You can do a quick check of the link they send you to know that ebay or paypal do not host their services in Malaysia on a site registered in Brazil. The article implies a bank in China was hosting several phishing sites.
Web monitoring firm Netcraft has warned that a web server belonging to a state-operated Chinese bank is hosting phishing sites targeting US banks and financial institutions.

"This is the first instance we've seen of one bank's infrastructure being used to attack another institution," said Netcraft.

The company revealed that the phishing emails sent over the weekend targeted customers of Chase Bank in the US and eBay, and were directed to sites hosted on IP addresses assigned to the Shanghai branch of the China Construction Bank.
Wow. I know that the Chinese system is preditorial in nature, but this is a bit much.

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