Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Taking our "stuff"

It seems like yesterday that I was naive and thought seizing drug lords material goods was a fine idea. Damn I was young and dumb. Now they can seize things for almost any reason.
*Cleveland, Ohio: A newly enacted “emergency ordinance” permits the confiscation of automobiles from citizens who “are associated with four or more of any combination of unpaid parking infraction judgments and/or notices of liability” for such things as “red light or speeding violations.
*Peoria, Illinois: Another “emergency ordinance” enacted in that fine city will permit police – acting on their own subjective and definitive assessment – to confiscate vehicles with excessively loud stereos. “The city will collect $105 in fees for the first offense, and $355 on subsequent offenses without first offering the accused a defense in a proper court of law,” summarizes The Newspaper.com.
From the Salt Lake City Weekly comes news of a similar scheme underway in Spanish Fork Canyon. Last August, Trudy Childs and her family leased their Canyon property for use in an “electronic music concert.” The Childs got all of the proper permits, hired EMTs, and otherwise cross all of the myriad t's and dotted all the requisite i's.
It's getting worse people.

They keep pushing more and more every year. People are going to start snapping and it will not be pretty.

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