Monday, May 29, 2006

Rules for thee, but not for me.

Seems someone serving the system was not happy they were being ticketed. Out comes the cuffs and there goes more rights.
On May 18, Fegan was driving on Superior near Michigan when four police officers waved her down, she said. Reid told her a minivan parked at 700 N. Michigan had been ticketed, even though it belonged to an officer who was there on police business, she said.

The minivan did not have police markings or license plates and was parked illegally, she said.

Reid demanded that she void the ticket, she said. When Fegan told him she did not have the authority to do so, he grew "very irate," she said.

When Fegan tried to cross the street, Reid and the other officers arrested her for jaywalking. They removed a suspect who was already in the police wagon and "picked me up and threw me" in the back, handcuffed, Fegan said. She suffered a "severe sprain" of her right arm as a result, she said.

Fegan is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. A police source described Reid as tall.

"She was the victim of a kidnapping, an aggravated battery, a brutal and a false arrest, simply because she was doing her job and would not fix a ticket for a Chicago Police officer," said her lawyer, Craig Tobin.

Using an emergency radio, Fegan was able to send out a call from the back of the paddy wagon saying she had been arrested. She asked to be met at the Near North District by a commander and OPS, she said.

Police held Fegan at the Near North District for about half an hour but never charged her with anything.
When the system kidnaps you it's called being arrested.

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