Thursday, May 25, 2006


The ACLU has always walked a line between "defender of freedom", and "what the hell are they doing?!?!" for me. Both angel and demon and sometimes at the same time.

This time the ACLU has gone and turned on themselves.
The American Civil Liberties Union is weighing new standards that would discourage its board members from publicly criticizing the organization's policies and internal administration.

Anthony D. Romero, head of the American Civil Liberties Union.
"Where an individual director disagrees with a board position on matters of civil liberties policy, the director should refrain from publicly highlighting the fact of such disagreement," the committee that compiled the standards wrote in its proposals.

"Directors should remember that there is always a material prospect that public airing of the disagreement will affect the A.C.L.U. adversely in terms of public support and fund-raising," the proposals state.
In other words "SHUT UP AND TOE THE LINE". Not looking good for them.
Nat Hentoff, a writer and former A.C.L.U. board member, was incredulous. "You sure that didn't come out of Dick Cheney's office?" he asked.
Now that is a funny statement.

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