Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Supply and demand

While the gun-grabbers talk about how safe the streets will be if guns are removed from the street they always forget a basic economic fact. If there is a demand, there will be a supply.

In the Netherlands they have experienced how supply will be provided for.
Up to 150 Glock pistols have been stolen from the high-security Gilze-Rijen airbase after thieves made a hole in the wall of the armory, the Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad reported Tuesday.

The theft of between 100 to 150 service pistols took place over the weekend, but was not discovered until Monday morning, it said. All vehicles belonging to airbase staff were inspected on Monday.
The theft of the weapons is one of the biggest such crimes in Dutch history. Earlier reports of vanished service weapons generally involved only a few guns at a time.

Toine Spapens, weapon smuggling expert at Tilburg University, was quoted as saying that the robbery at Gilze-Rijen was considerable and predicted that the weapons would end up in the underworld, but not necessarily in the Netherlands
Notice that the firearms were stolen from a HIGH SECURITY site. Even the state cannot protect their own equipment.

I wonder how many magazines were stolen.

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