Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No list

The GAO released a report called "Gun control and terrorism"(pdf) recently. It has regretfully given gun grabbers new reasons to try to limit firearms and pass new laws. Another "Remember 9/11" whoring of the issues.

I have read the report and noticed something. They do not tell us what they, the people on the watch list, bought. Does a person on a watch list who wants to commit a terrorist act purchase an 300$ assault rifle, or do they purchase an 2400$ Franchi Veloce & Veloce Squire shotgun? So I contacted the person who did the report.

She was nice and totally lacking in the information I needed. She said the forms filled out does not require them to list the firearm being purchased. I agree but this raises another question. They made this giant fuss about bad people getting their hands and guns and they do not even know what they are.

Intent. What was the intent of the ones who purchased the firearms. No one knows. But what the hell, lets hang them anyways and pass new laws. Screw due process.

The report does nothing but raise fears and causes knee jerk reactions just like the Patriot act. This is a bad report and should never have been released as it is.

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