Friday, April 22, 2005

Hope for humanity

Sometimes I lose hope for humanity, sometimes it is hard to think good things about my fellow man. I would say that anyone who reads the news would have periods of the same morbid thoughts. Then I find a story like this and maybe, just maybe, we are not destined to flush everything down the drain.
It was the last question Brett Remmington expected, but there it was, out in the open and waiting for an answer.
He'd stopped by the Sandy tire store to buy tires. When the big man in the company shirt suddenly turned and asked, "Do you hunt?" he wasn't prepared. Tire sizes he knew. The answer to this question should have been obvious to anyone. He was in a wheelchair.
"Does it look like I can?" he shot back.
Not long after that, Remmington tagged an elk.
A simple trip to the woods with firearm in hand may be simple for you and I, but for some it could change the direction of their life.
With help from his wife, Tina, and close friend Mike Olsen, he started MTM Hunting (Mark, Tina, Mike), a non-profit organization to offer hunting opportunities to the physically challenged.
This year, he's planned at least 50 hunts. More, if opportunities present themselves, mainly in the area of funding.
Robison holds a fund-raiser every year. Last year he raised around $13,000, "and while that does go a long ways, it doesn't cover everything," he admitted.
Many of the additional expenses, which are sometime sizeable, often come directly from Robison's pocket.
So please drop by and see what you can do for him. Throw a few shekels his way.

I wonder, with all the money the NRA collects, do you think writing to them would open their coffers for a donation to MTM Hunting?

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