Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Ok. I will admit that this does not effect me much because I do not have a TV in the house with an aerial. I do have our old TV hooked up to the X-Box, and damned if I will give that up for a week.

So I have been living TV free for 2 years and counting. Why? Because of the mindless drivel. It started when I was watching Headline news several years ago and in one night they showed me how lame they are.

The first instance was when I was reading with it on in the background and they had this exclusive report on a new subject. Only problem was that they had reported on it, and showed the same report about a month earlier. I remembered it well because it was a subject that was that had interested me a lot. So here they were recycling news. With a whole world out there they are recycling crap to fill the time. If I want recycled news I would reread last months newspapers. So their being lazy irritated me. The second issue was when they repeat news every 15 minutes. That sounds so good at first. New and refreshed news every 15 minutes so you never miss anything, problem is that 10-13 minutes of it is the same stories without anything added from the 15 minutes before. So they may ad one or two small items per broadcast. Rather a slow way to get the newest news to you.

The second issue was one night of prime time TV. Every sitcom show that I turned to went out of their way to insult and demean those evil conservatives. While I knew the whole establishment out there leaned left, I was rather pissed off the whole night was "hang a right winger" night. If I want that much liberal hate I would read the comments at Daily Kos.

I will admit missing many things on TV. The history channel, The military channel, and my fill of European Soccer is bothersome, but I will survive. When you sit in front of the TV they do the thinking for you most times. While I like debating with my wife who the murderer is in a good BBC mystery, I find little thought provoking material on TV.

Claire Wolfe wrote a book called 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution. One that stood out was to "shoot your television". I read that years before I finally walked away from TV. I wish I had those couple of years back. TV is a mind killer. Raise you kids without it. They may get upset that they do not know who was voted off some damn island, but in the end they will be better kids and better future adults.

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