Thursday, April 14, 2005

Blame Robert.

Robert started it with his story of youthful treks into the woods with air rifle in hand and army jacket on. He backed up his story with some pictures of the cloths and some of him dressed to the Nine.

So in that theme her I am at 4 or 5 years old with my grandfathers double barrel shotgun.

Now adays some people would look at this photo, with the hat, flag and shotgun, and think child endangerment. I think they're fools.

So here is another dangerous photo.

I still have the very first rifle I was ever given. A Remington single shot that has gone through more then any rifle could. Some of the best memories of youth was that rifle, myself, my cousin, and the lake near the old strip mine in Muhlenburg county. Every time I see a cardboard box with 50 .22LR cartridges nessled in it I get a bit nostalgic. I guess it is the romantic in me.

My cousin had an old marlin with the tube magazine under the barrel. I envied that rifle so much. Here I was with one shot, and he loaded the stock forever and fired all day, well at least it seemed so to me. We were the scourge of dragon flies and frogs at that lake. I also, looking back at it, we broke more safety rules then I will ever admit to. To be young and dumb again.

The day ended only when the ammo ended. On good days my dad would get us a larger 100 round plastic box with the awesome insert where every cartridge had its own hole to rest in, and the neat slidding top. I remember keeping them and filling them with the useless stuff that was so precious to me then.

My next rifle was a Ruger 10/22. A rifle I also still have. Maybe it was in response to my obvious envy of my cousins Marlin. Now my cousin was the envious one because my rifle had a scope. Take that cousin.

So you can blame my weird passion for firearms on small cardboard boxes and a Remington single shot.

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