Saturday, February 19, 2005

What is a criminal?

Larry Pratt has written a good article on why criminals break the law. It gives some good insight into the fake aura of victimhood they try to wear based on their mental capacity, childhood, and social status. Only problem is that Mr. Pratt does not buy it and gives good points to back his beliefs up.
Samenow argues that even if criminals have a mental illness, they commit crimes because they want to do so. Lots of people have mental illness, but very few of them commit crimes.

Samenow warns that criminals are not stupid. If they score low on IQ tests, that is usually because they could not care less about learning the kinds of things in school that are measured by such tests. They are quite adept at picking up on what will help them -- the law being a favorite course of study behind bars.

Also, criminals are quick to pick up on psychological jargon and get good at feeding it back to the practitioners. In other words, crooks are good at scamming mental health workers. If someone thinks they are nuts, not a crook, and that will get them out of jail, then, they quickly learn to sound as if they are mentally ill.
I would like to point out one thing. Jails are filled with two types of people. True criminals whose actions create victims and hurt society. They are the true criminals. The other type are law breakers. People who did not have the right number of domestic made parts in the firearm they built or forgot to file another stupid form thus becoming a felon. Lawbreakers normally have no victims outside of the control that government wishes over each of us.

Criminals hurt people, lawbreakers are people hurt by the governments and its millions of laws.

He also found another disturbing trend in the true criminals
Another implication of Samenow's research is that prisons do not make criminals into criminals, although they may increase their networking behind bars for when they get out.

Criminals like the excitement of doing what is prohibited. It is a characteristic they demonstrate often very early in life. Normal living is boring. Breaking the law is fun.
While they thing breaking the law is fun the people who carry and have illegal firearms to protect themselves break the law out of desperation. The thing is both would be punished equally under the law if found out.

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