Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Marriage acts around the country.

It seems to be the vogue thing to do today. Pass some law defining marriage and controlling us in our own houses and love, of course for our own good. Cannot forget to mention that.

I have an idea. Get the state out of marriage.
Around 270 A.D.—according to one tradition, at least—St. Valentine, a Roman cleric, was imprisoned for his opposition to Emperor Claudius' decree that young men (his potential crop of soldiers) could no longer marry. Valentine performed their ceremonies anyway and was thrown in jail for his obstinacy. His belief was that marriage is too sacred a rite to relegate to the incompetence of state bureaucracy. And, on February 14, he was executed for that belief
Can anyone tell me one thing that the government has not dabbled in that did not end up more screwed up then when it started?
For millennia, state entities have manipulated the people through matrimonial bureaucracy. In Sparta, marriages were often arranged even as sexual partners were assigned, and pedophilia was exercised as a prerogative of the state. The legal system of the antebellum South never recognized slave marriage on the grounds that "property" could not enter into legal contracts, and in countries from Russia to Afghanistan, marriage has been used to oppress women and to assert the superiority of czars and dictators in the ruling regimes.
You may not like gay marriage, you may not like blacks and white ending up married. Tough! I say get the government out of marriage and half the problems would go away. Simplistic yes. But it is an idea that has a better chance of working then the dueling laws of today.

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