Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Freedom and Democracy

Normally people use these words interchangeably in sentences. Some like me feel that they do not mean the same thing. I have had a lot on my mind with the election and the war on freedom that Bush is waging. All in the name of freedom, but somehow freedom seem to be the victim in the end.

Here is a well written article on why freedom, and what it means, can be confusing, and misunderstood, even by the ones using the words.
To clear the decks, let me say right off the bat, that freedom is NOT the same as democracy. In fact, democracy can be shown to be inimical to freedom.

The counting of heads, or the will of the majority, in no way protects or guarantees freedom. In fact, freedom can be utterly obliterated under democracy--as the rise of Hitler's National Socialist Workers Party did prove.

So let's forget about democracy, and concentrate on freedom.

I'm all for spreading freedom around the world--but before you can do that, you need to understand exactly what it is.

Can freedom be defined in one sentence, one phrase, or one word? Is it possible to define freedom in a way that will eliminate confusion?

I believe there is. The foundation of freedom is the principle of "self ownership."
We are living in a society that seems to want to control us more and more. Somehow freedom is becoming less important to some in the name of fighting the "bad guy". The shame is that a lot of the criminals created by the TSA and others are not so bad.

But at least it is done for our own good. Right?

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