Friday, February 11, 2005

Beyond stupid

The nature of business is to make money, not bend over to sooth the weenies of the world. Lately in many email boxes across the country this email appeared.
Dear Customer
I am writing to apologise.

We feature a T shirt in our new Mini Boden catalogue with an image of a toy gun (Sheriff T Shirt). Many of you have contacted us about this.

I don't want you to think we are an irresponsible organisation. I founded this company to create clothing ranges that captured a spirit of fun, honesty, individuality and family. We have made a mistake with this product and we feel stupid, especially me. Please accept my apologies.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't give the selection of this T shirt enough thought. I have 3 girls, Anna, Kate and Stella. We don't see any guns in our household. I relied on memories of my toys when I was a boy (a long time ago) when life was a lot safer.

We have now removed the Sheriff gun T Shirt from sale in the US. However, as we print our catalogues well in advance you could receive another which still features the T shirt.

Thank you very much for letting us know how you feel. Keep the feedback coming; good or bad. It's the only way we can get better.

I am truly sorry.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely, Johnnie Boden



Post: 3580 NW 56th Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309

Tel: 1-866-206-9508
This companies horrible crime was selling a shirt that had a handgun on it.

This is nothing short of a victory for gun-grabbers the world over. They have finally vilified an inanimate object to the point that even an image on something is considered a social blunder. This man, spineless that he is, crawled on his knees into his customers inboxes and begged forgiveness for simply trying to sell a shirt and making money, but a shirt that "offended" some. I am honestly ashamed for him. For the fact that we live in a society that has forced him, in his own mind, to do this, and for the whimpering nature of his plea.

Going to his website it seems he has pulled the shirt off the rack. It is no longer on sell.

This is the final end of the gun grabbing lobby. They desire for everyone who has owned and enjoyed a firearm to crawl to them begging absolution for that sin. Well screw that friends.

The spineless one said this
Keep the feedback coming; good or bad. It's the only way we can get better.
GET BETTER!!!!! I am fine. He acts like firearms are a social ill, and to him they may be. But the idea that I an ill and need to get better will has never crossed my mind. Owning a firearm is not a sign of sickness or illness. It is an object that only does what a person has it do.

So feedback he wants, feedback he will get. I am going to copy this post and email it to him. He may never get to see it, but this is my feedback.

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