Friday, January 14, 2005


That is a very important word in its implication here
An assistant manager of a local pizza shop who became nonresponsive after going into insulin shock was pepper sprayed by a police officer after a customer told police the man appeared to be "stoned out of his mind."

While a police official said that nonresponsiveness to an officer's commands often means danger, the man and two co-workers who witnessed all or part of the incident questioned how it was handled
They say jump, you don't, then you get maced.

Should we say "how high" when we jump to their commands?

But it is the lack of process here that bothers me. The police has taken the role of Judge, jury, and executioner.
Ream said police department policy allows officers to use pepper spray if a subject fails to comply with an officer's order and that nonresponsiveness is considered noncompliance.
So the cop gives you a command and if you do not react like he wants then you are nonresponsive. He then finds you guilty of a crime and carries out the punishment.

Screw due process, lets just go right to a Judge Dredd situation and get rid of the whole court system.

Now this comment I find sadly comedic .
Key West Police Lt. Kathleen Ream, commander of the department's Bureau of Professional Standards, called the incident "unfortunate," but said nothing in Officer Rich Thomas's report indicated that he acted improperly
Does Ream think he will write in his report that he over reacted like a nice strong armed thug and gave him a lesson in respect? The word of a cop is more important then your word and words of many witnesses.

This will cost the city a pretty penny, and the cop should be charged with abuse.

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