Saturday, January 15, 2005

How much would you pay not to be a felon?

In Massachusetts they charge $100 not to be a felon. This poor guy forgot to pay his monopoly like bill and now will go straight to jail.
A would-be robber became a victim of his own crime last week after he was shot in the stomach by a Brighton man he was trying to rob, police said.

Police arrested Sean E. Roisten, 29, of 833 Jette Court, and charged him with unlawful possession of a firearm and assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a robber who was holding Roisten's wife at gunpoint.
It seems he did not pay the government the money they demand to protect himself.
Police found that Roisten's license to carry a gun expired last August and arrested him
So if you do not pay for permission to carry you go to jail.

This is the main problem I have with carry permits of any sort. We should never have to ask permission to protect ourselves and our family from crime. They whole situation there is so damn wrong.

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