Monday, January 17, 2005

The games they play

I have no problem announcing my dislike of Lexmark and the tactics they use to fight competition. Well as things progress in life HP just out did Lexmark
Some consumer-electronics companies are designing products so they will work only in the U.S. For example, some of the latest printers from Hewlett-Packard Co. refuse to print if they aren't fed ink cartridges bought in the same region of the world as the printer. Nintendo Co.'s latest hand-held game machines are sold in the U.S. with power adaptors that don't work in Europe.
Now, there are signs that manufacturers feel that this kind of globalization has gone too far. H-P has quietly begun implementing "region coding" for its highly lucrative print cartridges for some of its newest printers sold in Europe. Try putting a printer cartridge bought in the U.S. into a new H-P printer configured to use cartridges purchased in Europe and it won't work. Software in the printer determines the origin of the ink cartridge and whether it will accept it
I stand in awe. This is not a voltage issue. This is direct coding to keep you from getting the best price. "They decide the price and you shut the hell up" is not going to work for me.

But what the heck can you do? Some companies have fought and won the right to make knock-off copies of some cartridges. Maybe they can start coding theirs to piss off HP. I can only hope.
[Boing Boing]

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