Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Damn fast retreat

The post below was about the Green Bay practice of fingerprinting you when you get a ticket. I was less then thrilled at the brain dead action. Turns out a lot of people were not happy so the practice has been rescinded....for now.
Public outcry has forced the Green Bay Police Department to get rid of a policy that had officers seeking a fingerprint from traffic violators.

And the news media is to blame for the outcry that led to the decision to scrap the policy, said Police Chief Craig Van Schyndle.

"The news media blew it out of proportion," he said Tuesday evening.
Yeah! Dang media. Telling the truth is not your job. Just look at CBS.
Van Schyndle said his department began getting dozens of calls and e-mail from people opposed to the voluntary practice that was aimed at reducing the number of identity-theft crimes.

"But of course, they were listening to the news media ... how horrendous this was," he said.
Lets see. Finger printing for a ticket. Sounds horrendous in my opinion, and the media does not think for us you twit.
Many people busted for minor offenses have been giving false names, and fingerprinting could've helped prevent the innocent from being held accountable for someone else's crime, Van Schyndle said.

"Something that we tried to do to assist the victims and protect the public was changed to a Big Brother ... that we were keeping a database on these fingerprints," Van Schyndle said.
Yes. We should never trust the government, What they do in closed door meetings is a crime, like your ticket idea
Officials said the policy would have prevented about a half-dozen people a year from being wrongly jailed because of the increase in people using false names and fake identification.

James Plummer, director of the National Consumer Coalition's Privacy Group, said that police didn't provide enough justification for collecting a fingerprint from people who aren't committing serious crimes.

"Isn't there another way they can work around it rather than just gathering more files?"Plummer said.
How about getting rid of most of the revenue creating laws in the first place and learn to live on a budget like the rest of the country. Twit!
The change in policy only applies to traffic violations. Police officers still plan to collect fingerprints from those who violate city ordinances such as retail theft and disorderly conduct, Van Schyndle said.
While this sounds good the charge of disorderly conduct can be used to charge anyone with anything, including telling jokes you may not like
In addition, Van Schyndle said officers will continue to take fingerprints from people who don't have a driver's license during traffic stops.

"our whole concern is to serve the public in a better way,"he said.
When I hear this guy whine a term comes to mind. Sore looser.

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