Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sticker shock?

The modern signs of our time is not the black booted thugs coming through your door, it is not subdural micro-chips, and it is not cameras in every room of your house, yet.
The signs of our time is neighbor spying upon neighbor. Doing their duty to protect G-d and country. In SLC(Salt lake city) Derek Kjar got turned in by one of his patriotic neighbors for the horrible act of having a shocking bumper sticker.
agents from the Secret Service recently paid Kjar a visit, telling him that his neighbors had alerted them to a potentially threatening bumper sticker on his car.
The sticker, which can be found on a number of Web sites, features a black-and-white likeness of Bush, a crown tilted slightly on his head. Under the image are the words "KING GEORGE - OFF WITH HIS HEAD

Kjar said two agents visited him at his job at a dry cleaning service, where they asked him about whether he had any ties to terrorist groups or enjoyed reading historical accounts of assassinations. They also asked Kjar about his friends and family, and even wanted to know how he paid his monthly rent.
The agents finally left after Kjar handed over the sticker.

Well thank G-d they disarmed him. We know how dangerous free speech is.

We now live in a society that one neighbor snitches on another to be "patriotic". This is not a society I want to live in, but it is the one we have today.

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