Tuesday, September 28, 2004

foreign observers update and opportunity

The OSCE has just released their latest report (PDF) on the Sept 7-10 meetings that occurred in Washington. Titled OCSE/ODIHR needs assessment mission report it can best be described as dry. The meetings mainly involved getting together with different groups and governmental departments to go over the future observers.

While many groups were listed only one true politician was listed. The Hon((spit spit)). Eddie Bernice Johnson, (D-Texas). You remember her. She was the one who sent a letter to the UN with a whole bunch of her cohorts asking for UN observers. So with her being involved I think this will be politicized to the extreme.

The report says that there will be 25 long term observers and 75 short term observers. Since the election system is state based they are having problems figuring out how to accredit the observers to be there.

Now for the interesting part. Bloggers like to try to make a difference in this country one little rather at a time. The email I got from the OSCE had this interesting section
Any requests for interviews with the team deployed in the US should be send to me, urdur.gunnarsdottir@odihr.pl or Curtis.budden@odihr.pl and we will arrange those once possible.
Even though I think most will be assigned to Florida there is a good opportunity to be the first blogger on your block to interview a foreign observer. I will put in a request if any are assigned to central Tennessee. A lot of interesting questions could be asked.

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